Bandelettes – a Wardrobe Must Have


Ladies, World Bride Magazine wants to introduce you to something new! We are talking about Bandelettes, attractive thigh bands designed to stay put and provide protection against chafing all day long. With every size, color and style, you can wear these bands under your jeans, at the gym, and especially under a skirt because they are designed to be sexy, practical and comfortable.


We met Rena, one of the founders of Bandelettes, and we asked more about her business.

“So some years ago I was looking for a business idea and I met Julia, my friend and the other Bandelettes founder. She suffered with a persistent thigh chafing issue for many years and she never found a good solution for this problem. So we start talking and the idea just came out! So we started our business, focusing attention to the design and the quality. We want to have a product that is sexy and comfortable, that can help women to feel good in every situation, whether they are running, or they are athletes or they are just walking in the street!”

So no more limiting your wardrobe! And you can believe me because I tried them. Very comfortable, soft, sexy (mine were red, yay!), they add style and color! You can have your own Bandelettes even if you don’t live in the U.S. Rena and Julia are starting their business online, so you can go to the website and order or go to


But be careful ladies, because your husband could steal your Bandelettes! No kidding. “We started to receive emails from men also … they started asking about our product, so we realized that this is not only a common women problem, but also men’s one! We thought a “man version” of the bands, and we can tell you that we sell a lot of them!”

Wow! So everybody loves Bandelettes. And what’s even better is it’s very affordable: $15.99. So just go to the website and choose your color! Red, black, beige, caramel, chocolate or the unisex.

As for our brides, look at this beautiful, romantic, elegant white band. They are perfect for the big day.
“We have many white bands requests. Brides love them because they look great and perfectly match with the white dress, and because, unfortunately, chafing thighs is a problem that won’t disappear for the wedding day. So don’t worry, we have the solution for the big day!”


Rena and Julia have thousands of clients from every part of the world, it’s an innovative business that is going to be bigger…Yes, they revealed some news that we can’t share right now, but our advice is to check their website Something new and great is going to be coming!

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