Xo,G and Infuse Vodka: Must-Have Healthy Spirits


The big day is finally coming. But you are stressed, not only for the preparations of the wedding, but for the DIET. Every woman in the world hates this word! While food may be easier to work around, beverages are a little more challenging. Dear stressed and dieting bride, no need to panic, we have the answer. We are going to introduce you to two healthy alcohol brands that are great for relaxing and must-haves for bachelorette parties: Xo,G wine and Infuse Vodka.


Each bottle of Xo,G consists of four, prefilled and individually sealed, stemless wine glasses that snap together to form the equivalent of a 750ml bottle. This eliminates the hassle of carrying around glasses, corkscrews and a bulky bottle. Are you the kind of girl who doesn’t drink so much? The individually sealed glasses are also handy for those ladies who don’t plan on finishing an entire bottle and spoil any of their precious vino. Xo,G comes in several varieties, such as a dry Rosé, crisp Pinot Grigio, smooth Pinot Noir, sweet Moscato, or a mixed pack for those girlfriends who never seem to agree on anything.


Sounds great, right? Even better, it retails for under $10 and is available at select Walmart locations nationwide!  Walmart, what a surprise. That’s amazing news!

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Now if you like different flavors, you can taste the Infuse Vodka. Known for their unique infusions, Infuse Vodka incorporates natural flavors from hand-picked fruits, spices, and herbal ingredients. With flavors ranging from chili pepper, cinnamon apple, lemon, mango, orange clove, and peach – there is a variety to satisfy all of your vodka cravings. This corn-based vodka is distilled five times, has no added sugars (yay!), dyes, syrups, or artificial ingredients and is 100% gluten free, the perfect drink to curb weight gain this season. Infuse Vodka retails for $29.99 and is available at select Whole Foods locations nationwide and online at Lovescotch.com.

Well, no more sacrifices. So to our lovely brides, no more stress, no more guilt feelings and.. cin cin!

Annalisa Arcoleo

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