The At Home Guide To The Perfect Shave

In an era of fifteen seconds videos, instant messaging and microwave dinners we are being programmed with shorter attention spans and quickly get frustrated with anything that requires our attention for more than ten minutes.
Fortunately for us a shave is one of those exceptions where we are happy to relax for thirty minutes to an hour in the expert care of a Barber or Stylist for our weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly Grooming ritual.
A great shave breathes new life into a man and makes him ready to face the world.  For those who do not have the luxury of getting a professional shave.
Here are a few shaving tips that your barber would not be happy with you knowing.
1.     Wash hands properly
It is recommended that before surgery doctors wash hands with cold water and so should you. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial hand soap.  Cold water kills germs and bacterial and prevent them being transferred to your face during shaving.
2.     Wet face with warm water and Nivea sensitive face wash.
3.  Wet a face towel thoroughly and gently ring to remove excess water. Heat in microwave for  45 seconds on high heat and apply to face. Steaming the face opens up the pores and softens the hair follicles.
4.  Apply the art of shaving pre shave oil to face. Doing this creates a layer between the skin and the shaving foam and makes for an easier shaving experience.
5.     Apply Nivea sensitive shaving foam to the face and apply another warm towel to the face. This will soften the shaving foam and the hair follicles as well.
6.     Apply some more of Nivea sensitive shaving foam to face and gently shave with Gillette fusion proglide razor.  This should be done with smooth downward strokes in the direction the hair grows to prevent ingrown hairs.
7.     Do not rush this process, as you would want to avoid getting any cuts to the face.
8.     When shaving is complete, wash the face with cold water and gently dry.
9.     Apply Nivea Sensitive post shave balm to face.
As in anything this will take some time to master. Follow these steps and your face will be the envy of your peers.
Adrian Fanus

Celebrity Groomer Adrian Fanus oozes fascination and zest when he speaks of his craft. A native of Micoud, St. Lucia Fanus notes, “By the time I was 16 or 17, I already had my own salon in St. Lucia.”
Fanus, 33, began his career in men’s grooming by working as an apprentice to Ryan Evan, a distinguished groomer in St. Lucia. Fanus relished the thought of creating a unique look specific to each individual. He analyzes each client’s facial structure and personality to create an innovative style. “I think a haircut is like a fingerprint. No two fingerprints are the same so a haircut has to be individually tailored.”
With this type of approach paired with his calm and collected disposition, it’s no wonder why many flock to sit in his chair. Adrian Fanus’s attention to detail and keen sense of style is what led him to working with clients such as NBA players Nate Robinson, Grant Hill, NFL Player Eddie George and Hollywood heavyweight Forest Whitaker (to name a few). Artistically self-taught yet professionally trained, it’s his devoted clientele and innate determination that keeps him going. Fanus, a father of two boys says he has an ability to connect with his clients, often listening to their personal concerns. It’s this type of trust factor that makes him so personable.
Fanus now successfully runs AFG in the heart of Clinton Hills Brooklyn. When he is not behind the chair, or on set doing what he does best, he can be found giving back the the community by supporting under privilege kids reach their goals, or raising money for cancer.
He takes pride in his work, family and his community while traveling the world.

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