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Are you looking for a delicious wedding cake in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Ajman? House of Cakes is the solution! Established in 2006 by Irena and Kaloyan Dimitrovi, is located in the UAE and Bulgaria. We know that cooking and baking is not for everybody, especially if we are talking about wedding cakes!

The House of Cakes started making cakes long time ago: “It was my dream as a child to have a shop for cakes and sweets. I was making cakes since I was 7. Then I went to professional cooking school and became a chef and during a trip, I saw cakes decorated as artwork, during this era it was not popular in the UAE. They were designin amazing cakes in the USA, UK and Australia. I thought it would be a good idea to start this line of business and become the first in Dubai. At that time there were few bakeries and with limited offerings.
I soon realized that it was time to use my marketing skills (I was working as Director of Sales and Marketing in a reputed hotel in Dubai) and to become the very first online bakery in UAE. So I started the website and until now we mainly get our business from clients searching for cakes online”.

House of Cakes makes great quality, hand- made and decorated wedding cakes, celebration cakes, cupcakes and cookies with only the freshest ingredients, they have worked with their suppliers for more than 10 years, selling only the best brands and products.
The House of Cakes is also known for a broad spectum of specialty cakes; the most popular flavor is moist vanilla sponge with strawberry cream, but you can request anything you want from the traditional flavors or if you want particular flavours with special designs, they love being creative. This amazing bakery consults with families and planners on a broad spectrum of celebratory themes from birthdays, corporate or family celebrations and events. House of Cakes also delivers freshly made cakes everyday. They enjoy working with a broad variety of international and local clients. The House of Cakes price points begin at AED 30.00 per person for round rolled fondant cakes. Most cakes range between AED 25-40 per person. However, these prices may flutuate depending on the scope and detail of work and design.

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What are you waiting for? Click the link below, you can find a broad spectrum of ideas, from Technology Cakes, Sporting Cakes, Fashion Cakes, Engagment Cakes or classical, beautiful wedding cakes!


Annalisa Arcoleo

Annalisa Arcoleo is a filmmaker and journalist at heart. She started her journalism career working for Utility Magazine, writing about movies and some of the most important italian events taking place in Italy. After graduating at ACT Cinecitta’ Studios in Rome, she started to work on movie sets and Italian television companies. She was able take part in two TV series at “5 Stelle TV” as an Assistant Producer. In 2012 Annalisa joined one of the most famous Italian television networks, La Rai, to start an internship and a collaboration as filmmaker and journalist conducting interviews and creating news reports.
In 2013, after winning a scholarship in journalism and movie reviews at Sentieri Selvaggi, her writings have gone on to appear in “La Voce” Magazine.
Now while in New York she continues her passion for learning by interning at World Bride Magazine to sharpen her journalism skills while still pursing her filmmaking career.

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