Say I Do Again- Meet The Styles


After Seven Years: It Was Time To Renew Their Vows-Tyrese “TyTy” Carmichael-Styles and Samson Styles.

The lovely couple, TyTy was a Real Bride Real Beauty and won an incredible renewal of their vows with an extraordinary  beautiful outdoor wedding at sunset on the vineyard of Baiting Hollow Vineyard and Horse Recovery.

The bride wore an elaborate dress designed by  Hiroko Tashiro who flew in from Japan with the wedding dress and appointments for the bridesmaids and the tuxedo by Yumi Katsura-Couturei, Masahiro Soga- Tuxedos for the groom. The most exquisite flowers adorned the palatial vineyard explosions of roses, hydrangeas, and extraordinary greens by   MagnaFlora. The grounds on Baiting  Hollow provide the perfect backdrop in the rows of extraordinary grapes and white tenting covered the dining and dancing areas.


The couple was so delightful and appreciative that we just wanted to learn a little more about what was behind their beautiful smiles and warm personalities.

It seems that while Tyrese ( Ty)C was working on a massive project at BET; Samson Styles was in LA for the BET Awards. So, since Samson was away, Tyrese decided to sit at his big desk and at least learn a little something about him… His photos of he and his son were wonderful and really spoke volumes about him. After a couple of days making herself at home, Tyrese unintentionally spilled coffee all over his desk – of course that began the story as he walked into his office and she had to discuss what exactly she was doing.


Armed with a beautiful smile and quick wit, Ty’s life was forever changed, or so she thought. They became fast friends and while she was in town they had a ball. When the project was over and  it was time for her to go home, what she thought was going to be a lasting friendship came suddenly to a halt. She knew Samson had her number but the phone never rang from his number.

Then almost  a year later, un-expectantly on a Saturday night, her phone rang and Styles’ name showed up on her phone.  Ty just looked at the phone trying to decide whether to answer or not.  She decided she would answer and the first thing he said was, “I had the wrong number.” They laughed and she learned he was moving to her hometown in New Jersey.



It seemed like only yesterday, that they made the commitment to marry seven years ago and to this day there are several things that are important in their marriage: honesty, laughter – they love to joke with one another, they are seriously Best Friends and they come first, before anybody, and communication.

When asked about their goals as a couple the very first –

To stay in love and stay married,

Being financially literate; curbing the spending habits, develop a strategic plan

Building a family empire for their children,

Always do things to continue to look forward to seeing each other

Find ways to keep each other interested

It was sweet to hear Samson talk about how important it was that he looked forward to coming home and that one of the beautiful experiences that makes him so very happy is ” for his wife to awaken with a beautiful smile on her face and no matter what happens during the day – he just remembers her morning smile and it makes his day.”

These two love birds had me going, so I wondered when did know he was the one.  Ty said, “The day he finally called and came over. She knew it because she felt like she knew him forever and she was at peace.”  Their romantic relationship is very special, they can finish one another’s sentences, she/they know when something is wrong with the other before even speaking with each other. And, according to Ty they have a beautifully blended family of six, ranging in age from 17years old to 23 years old and they are grandparents.

They are committed to their community and support programs that assist and empower foster children and those that are adopted; as well as programs that support re-entry and ex-felon resources that assist with empowerment of each individual including housing and education.

When I asked any last words or food for thought, Ty said, “Be honest in everything and communicate always.” Samson was very clear, “husbands and wives – Don’t stop having sex and be forthcoming about what you want and need.”

We are excited for this lovely couple and wish them many wonderful years filled with all the blessing that the universe can muster – filled with love and immeasurable blessings.


Marsha Reeves-Jews

Marsha Jews is the Editor-At-Large(USA) for World Bride Magazine and the founder of Marsha Jews & Company a full service marketing, business development, Wedding/Events/ Conference planning & management; and communications company. Marsha Jews is the Founder/CEO of
and the former Founder/Curator of the Herbert Bearman Art Gallery & Director of Events & Weddings at the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park Museum.
Marsha was Project Director on two community technology development grants: Harlem Renaissance 2K1 and NY-OneNet at the Institute of Learning Technologies and the Institute for Urban and Minority Education at Columbia University, New York.
As President/COO/Associate Publisher at Career Communications Group Marsha managed Black Engineer/Hispanic and Information Technology Magazines; the Black Engineer of the Year Awards Conference and was Co-Founder of the Women of Color Technology Awards Conference; Black Family and LaFamilia Technology Awareness Week(s).
The former Executive Director of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Foundation of Maryland; presenting Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Ailey II and AileyCamp and Director of Advertising for the 125-year-old Afro-American Newspaper, Inc.
Marsha was Vice President of Operations for the Marine Corps League Exhibit Company, and was the first black woman to produce the Modern Day Marine Force in Readiness Military Exposition and Awards Gala a program of the United States Marine Corps, Capitol Marines and the Marine Corps League, while simultaneously the Director of Advertising for the Amphibious Warfare Review Magazine.
Marsha is active in the community; former board member of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and was the first Black Trustee to chair their Annual Gala; Commissioner- Maryland Public Television Commission; Founding board member of the Maryland Association for Nonprofit Organizations; former trustee for the College of Notre Dame and the Maryland Institute College of Art; Trustee at the Enoch Pratt Library, and has won numerous awards; Co‐Author in Incredible Business and is an avid volunteer and speaker.

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