Men’s (and Women’s) Skincare: Products to Maintain a Young and Healthy Look


Women generally grow up with stronger values on skincare maintenance than men do, however, that does not make having a strong skincare regimen any less important for men. Many factors contribute to our skin loosing its vitality and youthful luster – including prolonged exposure to the sun, daily exposure to airborne pollutants and free radicals, dehydration, and an insufficient diet. Over the past decade, science has brought us a number of highly effective nonsurgical cosmetic procedures (i.e. chemical peels, laser treatments, injectable fillers, etc.) that can tighten, plump, reshape, and even resurface the skin permanently – erasing decades of damage caused from the external environment.


Regardless of whether or not you are looking for a more aggressive means to addressing your signs of aging, the use of skin protecting and revitalizing cosmeceutical products is a must. Over the past month I have been sent (and experimented with) a number of skincare products. Three products in particular stood out from the rest that I will certainly continue to incorporate in my daily skincare regimen:



1) NUDE Skincare ProGenius Omega Treatment MilkAfter washing and cleansing my face, I apply 2 pumps of the treatment milk to my face and neck. It has a surprisingly fresh scent once smoothed into the skin that smells most notably of acai berries – an exotic antioxidant-rich superfruit sourced from the Amazon rainforest. I love the way this product feels soon after application and how quickly it is absorbed into the skin. This serum is exceptionally great for those who have dry skin.


2) Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate OilI cannot give enough praise to this astounding product. I apply 5 drops onto my face at night (after applying the NUDE Skincare ProGenius Omega Treatment Milk) and lightly massage it into my skin until my skin feels revived and smooth. Within 5 minutes, the oil is almost completely absorbed – leaving the skin feeling soft and invigorated. As an added bonus, the product smells pleasantly of lavender.




3) Shaveworks The Cool Fix Targeted Gel LotionFor those of us who struggle with razor burn, ingrown hair formation, redness, or infected follicles post shaving, this is the product for you. This amazing product can be applied after shaving anywhere on the body – and has truly done wonders in preventing post-shave infections. Furthermore, the product leaves the skin feeling minty-cool and refreshed. Out of all of the aftershave lotions I have tried over the years, this is now my go-to product to always have on the shelf.


Regardless of whatever your skincare needs may be – prevention is key to aging beautifully (or handsomely) over the years. If you are looking to revamp (or establish) your skincare regimen, I highly suggest giving these great products a try today.

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