The Ritual of Skincare

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I know skincare may seem like a topic that comes up time and time again when speaking of bridal Beauty. Why is that, you ask. Well the answer is simple, your wedding day of beauty starts long before the actual day. It actually starts months in advance because I cannot stress enough beautiful makeup comes from beautiful well balanced skin.

So what is a skincare ritual you ask?  It’s a way of looking at your skincare regimen in a whole new light. Even I have to admit in my younger years I really took skincare for granted and all the ways it affected my everyday life. Imagine the freedom of waking up and having to put on makeup be a choice NOT a requirement because you are trying to hide something.

One of those freeing moments that I can remember is earlier this year after changing my skincare ritual (for the ummteeth time) going on vacation and only wearing mascara for just about the entire time and STILL receiving compliments on my skin   Trust me it was a long journey with many trials and failures but it’s such a freeing feeling having the choice not to wear makeup and still look fresh faced and beautiful.

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So how do you start a skincare ritual?? First things first identify your needs, ask yourself what are those things about your skin that you would like to see improved. Next do you research, with so many products on the market it can be very overwhelming, so take your time, read up on products and make sure you check the reviews for different points of view.  Lastly know when to consult with a professional, sometimes we think everything can be solved with over the counter products and that’s not always the case.  Having a consultation with professional can be uber helpful in choosing the right products especially if you have issues like cystic acne.

Once you’ve identified your needs now it’s time for the fun part….the SHOPPING!!! Provided you don’t need anything prescribed you should think about these vital four steps.  Cleanse, tone, serum and moisturize, those are the vital four steps that you need in every skincare ritual.  As long as you remember to drink plenty of water, get some rest and incorporate a good eye cream you too can have the skin you’ve always wanted for your wedding.

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The Ritual of Skincare

I know skincare may seem like a topic that comes up time...
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