Get Married In Brooklyn At The Prospect Park Boathouse


Get Married In Brooklyn, at The Boathouse at Prospect Park. This venue is absolutely perfect, especially in the summer. This area takes me back to my childhood; when life was carefree and spending endless hours rolling around in the grass was easy breezy.

Whether you are a Brooklyn native or a recent transplant, it’s impossible for you not to fall in love with Brooklyn and beautiful  Prospect Park, the second largest park in Brooklyn, in over 526 acres large. Prospect Park has an abundance of activities for countless couples for their wedding celebration.

Photos’ courtesy of Prospect Park Alliance
Photos’ courtesy of Prospect Park Alliance
Photos’ courtesy of Prospect Park Alliance


Built in 1905, The Boathouse was one of the first building in New York City to be declared a landmark, so when I received my invitation from the fabulous team at Purslane, I was thrilled.  Of course, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew it would be wonderful. Not knowing what to expect, but prepared for something wonderful because we had the opportunity to meet them and sample their wonderful delectables at Wedding Crashers Wedding Fair Event some months prior.  So it was lovely seeing the Ari at the doorway greeting her guests.


BAM Wedding Photography.

I was being enticed by both the sultry sounds of the live band, but also the well-dressed servers who were walking around with alcoholic beverages, while the chef was piling on the oysters to the line of hungry guests.  All this on a Wednesday night and the night could not have been any perfect.


The building looked absolutely regal, fit for royalty, I could not help but imagine if this was the sort of landscape that the royals enjoyed when the not too long ago wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  Well, maybe not so castle like but darn close to it for me in Brooklyn.

Who is Purslane

This group of experts is the Brooklyn based catering, events planning company that will dazzle you with their events.  They definitely had the right vendors list to make this soiree go over without a hitch as far as I can see.


BAM Wedding Photography


The wonderful team at Purslane-magnificent team is behind three of the coolest restaurant, bars in Brooklyn,  Rucola, June, and Metta, in partnership with the Gowanus Hospitality Group.  You want to talk about who brings what to the table.  Well, it has been brought. Meet Brooklyn’s finest.




So if you needed a reason to Get Married In Brooklyn–you may want to re-read this, enjoy the photos and click on the links.


Special thank you to those who made the evening fabulous for us: Prospect Park Alliance, Stortz Lighting, Nine Cakes, BAM Wedding Photography, Mimosa Floral Design, Elan Artists (Rhapsody!), Patina Rentals, Broadway Party Rentals, Marco Bernardes Calligraphy.

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