Cecilia Aiscurri is an Argentine photographer.  She is a young professional, who avoids becoming a cliche in the wedding industry. I think this may be the reason why many young couples are choosing her. Her work is fresh and contemporary. I had the opportunity to ask her for some tips, so this is what she told to me..


It is essential for the couple to arrive relaxed to the wedding day in order to  enjoy it. I think that the main goal to be achieved at a wedding is to get everything flowing in harmony. For this it is essential the couple remains calm and trusts everything will be ok.


Choosing the right time for the celebration is a must if you are getting married outdoors. For example: Around 1 pm the sun will probably be too strong, therefore there will be shadows on the faces and the guests will suffer the sun effects. On the other hand, when we don’t have enough light, the setting may not be fully appreciated in the photos.



We must also consider the sunlight orientation  and place things accordingly. As a wedding photographer, I have been at ceremonies where the sunset was too strong behind the couple´s backs, unabling me to take photos in front of them.


The best option is to have a softer light. It varies throughout the seasons but we should be able to obtain it between 5:30 and 7:30 pm.


I usually work with brides who wear little makeup in their daily life so they choose a NUDE style just to feel comfortable.




It is important to keep in mind that everything around the bride will appear in the photos, so if the room is a complete disaster it will also come out. Whether backstage takes place in the bride’s home or in a hotel room it is important to have a window through which bright and natural light comes in. The place should be big enough so all the people working there can move around easily. If not people will start bumping into and interrupting each other’s work. The nicer the place is, the easier it will be to create and set up photos.


Another cute detail that many brides usually forget is to have a pretty hanger if they want a picture of the dress.



There are brides who prefer more privacy when it comes to getting ready and others who would rather share this moment with family and friends. This is a very personal decision.


What I recommend is for brides to only invite people who do not make them feel nervous, because that will also be reflected in the photos.  



I really like pre-wedding photo sessions. It is a good moment for the couple and I to get to know each other and empathize before the wedding day. By doing so, we are both relaxed for the photos when the big day comes.


It feels like a rehearsal.   



Whether the ceremony is a religious one or not, I always recommend the couple to try to connect with the moment. That implies not only connecting with the person they are getting married to, but also with the person who celebrates the wedding (It could be a priest, a pastor, a rabine, a friend, anyone). This kind of “Magic” usually trespasses the camera.




If it is an outdoors reception, I recommend having some kind of dim lighting, so as to capture the moment. Sometimes a couple of small Christmas lights, generates a cousy scenario providing at the same time light to work with. This also helps us to work without flash.


During the wedding party dance, is advisable to have some light too. This allows us to mingle among guests and go unnoticed so as to capture the real climate of the party.  



It is always beautiful  when a wedding bears the bride and groom’s personal stamp. It is great when they do what they really want to and not what society or family expects from them. It is their day!


The main thing is to enjoy it, so try to feel comfortable with your clothes friends and atmosphere. I think it is the sum of all this what will make the photos meet your expectations.



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