Empowered with Love


Photographed by Iytasha Jordan, Art Directed by Jean Griffin, Editorial Directed by Agnes Commack, styled Laurence McCollum, assisted by Shatrese Williams.


The man of power doesn’t have to ask for it, it is obvious in everything that he does.  From the way he smells, dresses, and walks.

That certain man who will make you want to cook his favorite meal, clean your already clean house, and sing opera at the top of your lungs.

Jill Scott said, “whatever you want me to do,” Marsha Ambrosius has eloquently described this man bringing her to operatic octane levels of love, and he will have you singing melodies that have made you reminisce on the love you have like Mary J Blige on her album What’s the 411.

What is it about that man that makes you want to give up everything—that single life, independence, freedom to choose to be selfish to say yes, then spend all the money you can gather to throw the party of your life, say “I do” publicly to people you love, know, barely know and strangers, and confess words that some time ago you thought were ridiculous. Now…you are choked up, ready to do the ugly cry—publicly mess up you $750 makeup or better, before you have even taken your pictures.




It’s got to be that divine love that the Bible, Quran, or the Torah has described, you find yourself ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, allow your body to be altered, stretched out of portion, unnatural to “man.” But for the possibility of experiencing eternal bliss, you want it—you want it all. For his image of perfection, and promise of eternal happiness until death do you part!

Yes, I do! And it is done…you fall now under the title Mrs. and suddenly you can hear Bob Marley singing his famous song to you directly “could this be love…”

Alas, it is love and you know at that exact moment forever begins with him…Mr. Right!

Make no mistake, he feels it too. Like King David, when he saw the Shulamite maiden, he went into poetic composition and proclaimed divine expressions of love, passion and ecstasy that a man feels when he falls in love.

Love has driven men to madness, has built empires, destroyed kingdoms, has waged wars and brought peace.

So how that power is used is all in the blossom of those who possess the key of love.



Myrdith Leon-McCormack

Over the past several years, Myrdith Leon-McCormack has evolved from one of the nation’s most successful Celebrity Manicurist, represented by Factory Downtown, to one of the most sought after branding experts with her firm MLM Represents and as a Huffington Post blogger.

Leon-McCormack, founder of MLM Represents, oversees all practice areas and is involved in providing strategic direction to select clients. Her particular area of expertise is advising clients on how to best leverage their brand as an asset to serve as a powerful leadership tool and drive business performance.

Leon-McCormack’s innovative strategies to connect consumers more effectively by associating them with the world’s most influential celebrities, musicians, arts, film and personalities has been part of her incredible success to collaborating with some of the industry’s most influential people in the world of the arts, music, and film. MLM Represents client list includes: Isaiah Washington, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Lois Samuels–the Vessel, and Justin Davis. Her new business has afforded her the opportunity to travel the world to great countries such as Egypt, Qatar, Dubai, London, France, Ireland, to name a few.

Leon-McCormack’s creative vision and strong knowledge of the entertainment and arts has created yet another venture with the weekly radio show, Keep It Moving w/Marsha Jews on WEAA 88.9 FM, a national public radio station, as Executive Entertainment Producer.

As the Editorial Director of World Bride Magazine, she drives the magazine into the 21st century where visions of people of color are seen in a more positive and progressive direction.

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