City Brides—Creative Construction for Your Wedding Needs

The snow has disappeared and we are finally out of hibernation. Summer weddings are always a challenge, and everywhere you look it’s all about finding the perfect wedding dress. What about the perfect city hall outfit? Or the perfect   rehearsal dinner dress? Or even the perfect post-wedding attire? How do you still make a statement as the bride, without being a cake?
 I personally  believe that spring is one of the most confusing seasons for fashion. The weather is so extreme; one minute you are putting away the sweaters and sweats and the next minute you have on an incredible silk floral skirt and tank—as we move into summer with the weather going from one extreme to another— how do you know what to ditch, what to deposit, and how to dress? The answer is simple; and so are the trends.
Stylistically, your motto for this season should be to step out of the box; the aesthetic of volume and power for women is flaunted with capes instead of bodycons, palazzos instead of skinnys, and midis instead of minis.
 Each extraordinary piece can demonstrate women in a powerful light. Structural blouses, and pants with character are created with feather light knits, that actually don’t make you want to curse the sun but at the same time gives the illusion of a perfectly tailored garment, when really it just adapts to each one’s unique body shape!
Even though times have changed, and the “let your hair down” attitude has been tossed and turned  – an obscene number of times  we watch designers look at this season as fun. Classic chiffon and sheer organza have sustained the upbeat vibe, by balancing power with pleasure. The runway has captured the essence of the freedom of fabric, by designing pieces with lustrous drapes, because where’s the fun in fighting the fabric, when you can simply let it fall?
Toss the ancient “sexy spring” attitude, and bring in this season with class, and elegance; dress for yourself this spring, because looks like they’re warming up to the “woman’s world” after all..
Drishti Gangwani

Born and Raised in Hong Kong, Indian ethnicity, living in New York. Growing up in the international concrete jungle definitely had it’s perks, however being surrounded by most people who looked nothing like me was a challenge to say the least. After moving to New York to study fashion, writing became an integral part of my growth to be who I am today. Cities such as New York and Hong Kong have been male centric cities for some time now, my goal as a writer, is to portray these metropolises in a female friendly manner, to make women feel like they own their city.

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