Wedding Dress Code: How to announce it to your guests

 Announcing your wedding dress code to your guests.


From the French web-wedding series “La Minute Mariage”

Transcription of the video

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this new video dedicated today to the dress code for your wedding: How do you communicate your wedding dress code to your guests?

What is the wedding dress code? It’s the guideline you give to your guests, the “how-to-get-dressed” for our upcoming wedding.

How to ask them? Discover three different options:

#1 | Give your guests “the style”

You can ask for tuxedos for men, and evening dresses for ladies.

#2 | Give your guests “the tone”

You can also guide them while highlighting a color theme. Be funny (and friendly), give a different color to men and ladies. It is clearly easier for each of them to adapt their outfits for this special event: your wedding.

#3 | Create a sense of “gamification”

This is a fun way to inform your guests about the style you wish. Play with fashion accessories! Wide-brimmed hats, Panama hats, ties, bow ties, suspenders, or glittered high-heels shoes… Let fun rule!

So, how can you announce your dress code to your guests?

Just say it! Through your invitation, your wedding blog, or each time you speak with your guests. And if your invitation or Save the Date can be realized with a picture of you two, by a professional photographer, wear and show the dress code! Be the ones who give the great energy.

Now that you have the information for announcing your wedding dress code: Be handsome! Be beautiful. Be happy!


How about you: Did you request a wedding dress code of your guests? Share with us your stories below 🙂

Wedding dress code
Beverley Mitchell and photographer is Anthony Vasquez
Muriel Saldalamacchia

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