The Majestic Charm of Southern Weddings

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​Welcome to the Grand Ol´South. We’re talkin´all states beyond the Chattanooga River, down to the Mississippi bayous and from the Carolina shores over to the Texas ranches. Howdy, we are officially in the ​South, where time slows down and traditions take over. World Bride Magazine is the proud media sponsor of the Southern Square Bridal Show, one of the most prestigious bridal shows in Georgia. This exciting collaboration has triggered an editorial feature honoring the southern states and their wedding traditions.
The Southern Square Bridal Show gives brides from all over the USA and now the whole world, an in-depth impression of what a Southern Bride will not miss on her special day.

Southern Weddings are known for their charming simplicity. Herein lies the magic of southern-themed weddings, Lace, pearls and “Gone with the Wind” curls meets haystacks, sweet tea and moonshine. Traditions are deeply infused in southern weddings; from colorful parasols to shield from the hot sun, to the loving gesture from a bride to her groom by presenting him with a groom’s cake, to the bridal portrait that hangs over the fireplace mantel for ​many ​a year; tradition, charm and elegance mixed perfectly with “laid back” fun, is what defines a southern wedding.

All of these impressions, traditions, foods, drinks and décor ideas are displayed at the Southern Square Bridal Show. The 4-time hostess Tracy Englund alongside husband Mark and the wedding planner dream team Alison and Amanda Rohdy are connoisseurs in all things southern weddings. By expanding their successful wedding photography to hosting the Southern Square Bridal Show, Tracy and her husband Mark have formed a powerhouse for all-things-wedding, even beyond the borders of Georgia and now have bookings lined up in Europe and even further. The following pages are a group effort of southern brides working together with Southern Square Bridal Show team and the WBM Editor Susan Dilworth to bring the essence of southern weddings closer to our dear WBM readers.​


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Photo by This Is You/Tracy and Mark Englund

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Photo by This Is You/Tracy and Mark Englund

Photo by This Is You/Tracy and Mark Englund

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Photo by This Is You/Tracy and Mark Englund

Susan Dilworth

As Editor-at-Large Europe for World Bride Magazine, Susan Dilworth scopes all corners for European bridal wear and wedding fashion, traditions and insights. She presents honeymoon and venue hot spots as well as the “must haves” at every wedding in Europe.

Lucky for us, Miss Dilworth is home-based in Augusta GA and we are very delighted to introduce her to our brides. Her southern love inspired her 4- page spread titled: “The Majestic Charm Of Southern Weddings” coming up in the summer issue of the World Bride Magazine.

Her business expertise is derived from an array of international public relations, event production and business development.

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