A Potpourri: Capturing the Southern Wedding Essence

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photos by Tracy Englund

World Bride Magazine loves the traditional classic Southern weddings and is the media sponsor for the upcoming Southern Square Bridal Show. We love how their vendors and attendees are steeped in tradition in their planning. Many of these families have artifacts and antique family heirlooms dresses, with fond family traditions incorporated into each movement, floral arrangement and ceremonial symbolism.

However, today while each Southern bride carries their heritage in their hearts it isn’t always realized in the execution of the ceremony. The upcoming classic trends can be seen in the halls of this upcoming bridal show filled with beautiful and classic genteel women, excited about the decisions to be made with the newest trends, mixed with the classic bellum dress, juxtaposed to the modern brides and mixed bridal party. We often find Southern brides and weddings may have an air of formality while appearing relaxed and laid back. Even in these modern times, the attendees and wedding party are full of exquisite mannerisms, etiquette and elegance. Many Southern weddings couples and families are focused on the merger of two families, embracing nature and salvaging many aspects of generations of Southern traditions. But, don’t be fooled, there are still a few Southern brides who acknowledge your kindness with a solid, “Bless your Heart” and “Bye Y´all,” serves sweet tea, makes the best peach cobbler in town, but can turn around and catch an alligator for dinner without losing a beat in her step. Together with the Southern Square Bridal Show Team and their beautiful brides, we have gathered inspirations, impressions, personal quotes, and ideas for putting together a perfect Southern wedding anywhere in the world.

Susan Dilworth

As Editor-at-Large Europe for World Bride Magazine, Susan Dilworth scopes all corners for European bridal wear and wedding fashion, traditions and insights. She presents honeymoon and venue hot spots as well as the “must haves” at every wedding in Europe.

Lucky for us, Miss Dilworth is home-based in Augusta GA and we are very delighted to introduce her to our brides. Her southern love inspired her 4- page spread titled: “The Majestic Charm Of Southern Weddings” coming up in the summer issue of the World Bride Magazine.

Her business expertise is derived from an array of international public relations, event production and business development. www.dilworthpr.com www.worldbridemagazine.com

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