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Dem a Bleach... The bare face truth and tips on Skin Bleaching

By Jewel Whinfield

The fascination with white or lighter skin is especially prevalent in Asia, Africa, India and The Caribbean where you can find tons of products all designed to give you fairer skin. In many countries, there is a long standing historical preference …

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Bridal Beauty

by Jewel Whinfield

Bridal Holiday Makeup should be special. On your wedding day, every bride should look like herself at yourself most beautiful. It is not a time to try a look that is very trendy …

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Wedding Do's and Dont's

by Janine Linton

Photography by: Curtis Reese

Model: Vivian

There are always expectations when it comes to weddings.  The bride is expected to wow us, some drunken Uncle or a Grandparent is supposed to embarrass us …

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Beril Kilicaslani & Melih Hendekli

by Adela Vangelisti

Not even the most geographically sheltered city of kings could keep Beril and Melih from conquering each other’s hearts. Beril, a financial coordinator for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard’s Medical School and Melih, a media software manager in an advertising firm, both Turkish, …

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Quest for the Dress

by Ashley Morris

Photography by: Sandra von Riekhoff

I do.  Those words will have a permanent affect on the rest of your life.  Although picking your dress may not be that serious, but it has quickly become one of the most important piece of article in the wedding planning process.  Why?  For many reasons that …

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Tres 101

by Debra Hare-Bey

2011 Guide for Fabulously Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Wow, what a year you’ve had.  It ended with a surprise proposal and the desire to have a grand wedding. The New Year ushered in wedding plans and the stress of where to begin.

It’s All in the Hair

Let’s start with the basics- The Hair. Healthy hair is not something …

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