WBM Advisors

Founder & Publisher (Senior Correspondent For WBM TV)
Myrdith Leon-McCormack

Creative Director
Danielle Hendrix

Editorial Director & Co WBM TV Correspondent

Cari Wira-Dineen

Editor-At-Large (United States)

Stephanie Balmir Blake

Editor-At Large (Italy)

Matteo Tosi (Italy)

Debora Bresciani (Italy & Europe)

Amanda Pilar-Smith (Global)

Celebrity & Cover Fashion Director

Mimi Lombardo

Features Editor & Special Projects Producer

Victor Amos

Beauty Editor

Debra Hare-Bey

Health & Wellness Editor

Damore A. Morris

Sara Quiriconi

Lifestyle & Travel Editors

Autumn Kitchens 

Victor Amos

Katie Hollamby (Thailand)

Lupi Maurette (Spain)

Matteo Tosi (Italy)

Debora Bresciani (Italy)

Madafi Pierre (Switzerland)

Details & Planning  Senior Editor (Contributors)

Amanda P Smith

Social Media Manager

Tasha Turner

Copy Editor & Fact Checker
Stephanie Blake

Junior Editor (United Kingdom)

Xavier Fox

Legal Department

Jennifer Jacques – Legal (General Counsel)

Marketing & Sponsorships
Myrdith Leon-McCormack

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