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Hi readers! I want to introduce you to some amazing products I tried by Frank Body. Frank Body makes coffee body scrubs, lotions and other skin care products. The products have no parabens, sulphates or silicones. In fact, all of the product ingredients are made in Melbourne, Australia using all natural ingredients such as, coconut, grape seed oil, peppermint oil and, of course, ground robusta coffee beans, making these products vegan friendly.

So you may be asking yourself, why coffee? Well let me tell you why! Coffee actually has a lot of great skin benefits. Coffee can improve skin texture, circulation and exfoliates your skin leaving you with smooth, healthy-looking skin. Coffee scrubs can firm your skin, helping with cellulite, stretch marks and even acne.

I tried Frank Body’s Original body scrub, 14.95, Cacao body scrub, $16.95, Peppermint body scrub, $16.95, and Frank’s Body Balm, $24.95.



The packaging for Frank Body was absolutely adorable and undeniably cheeky. I received a brown box with white lettering saying, “Every babe needs a little bit of love.” How true! Upon opening the box I found the three bags of scrubs and a container with the body balm inside. The body scrubs came in brown paper bags with resealable tops and at the top of each bag it said, “tear my top off.” It also showed a little symbol letting you know that the product is “tough.” Frank says, “Every body needs a little tough love.”

On the back of the bags there was all kinds of great information about the products I was about to use, including the ingredients of the scrub, what the ingredients did and the directions. The bags also make sure to tell you to only smell and not eat the scrubs, because it smells good enough to eat! The body balm is a smooth product stating, “squeeze me, rub me, love me.” All of the products were complete with light pink, lavender and aqua colored packaging with stripes and chevron. The colors and packaging added to a very sensual, feminine feel.

frank body_Scrubs Collection

I tried out all three body scrubs and immediately after opening each bag I was surrounded by heavenly aromas as the scents filled my bathroom. I followed the directions, “get naked, get dirty, get rough and get clean” and grabbed a handful (or two, or three) and began to scrub my entire body. I let the scrub dry and sit on my skin for several minutes, letting it do its job. Afterwards I rinsed it all off. My body felt very smooth, firm and slightly oily, but in a good way. It wasn’t too oily. I dried off with a towel and began to apply the body balm. Frank says the body balm is best after scrubbing. The balm smelled like citrus with a hint of coffee. As I smoothed the balm on, it was a little oily at first but my skin quickly soaked it up. It left my skin feeling soft, moisturized and smelling great.




My overall thoughts on these products, and this brand, were love at first sight. I enjoyed the cheeky comments on the packaging, the colors, the designs and the feel of the brand. I loved the products, the quality and how my skin felt afterwards. I will definitely be using Frank Body again.

Try these products out before your big day, during your honeymoon, a vacation or really whenever because Frank “can’t wait to be on you.” You can find out more about Frank Body and the products at

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