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WBM Sustainable Mission

Since 2006 World Bride Magazine has been proud to be the premier platform that has led the wedding industry in diversity and inclusion. We saw the beauty of the world and we saw it in living color. WBM has celebrated the heritage of couples and the variety of ways they chose to honor their sacred unions. We have been honored to celebrate, feature, and witness a plethora of talented global vendors and the most sensational and extraordinary weddings.

World Bride Magazine (WBM) will continue to highlight the most beautiful, and creative weddings to inspire our readers as you plan your special day. Our content will continue to be diverse, however, we are taking things one step further for you to consider as you prepare for your big day. We heard you and your desire to take care of our planet and to do more for our environment… And, we are committed to addressing the concerns and challenges we all face beyond your wedding day.

We have proudly taken the leadership role once again by adopting a new theme– Sustainability; a healthier life, filled with love, family, and building a family legacy.  Creating a more beautiful environment that is fulfilling for a happier world.

World Bride Magazine is excited to highlight the fashion and beauty sectors’ most brilliant businesses that are being socially responsible; the future of our planet depends on our ability to be cognizant of what is necessary to maintain every level of sustainability.

We believe it is imperative to ensure the future of our planet while operating our businesses and serving you; our valued customers.

We will share ways you can support those businesses while living your best life socially and responsibly, ways in which you can still have luxury and quality as part of your lifestyle without harming your environment; while demonstrating how to live a luxuriously fabulous lifestyle.

How do you live a healthier, mental, spiritual, and psychological life with your beloved?  To answer these questions; World Bride Magazine will continue to invite experts to our “WBM Roundtable” to discuss a myriad of ways you can address life’s challenges and to assist you in identifying ways to begin your healing process and to be the best version of yourself for those around you.

We wish you all the best in love and peace…Congratulation on starting your new life.


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