The Art of Couture with Kosibah Bridal

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Renowned couture bridal designer Yemi Osunkoya is the founder and creative visionary behind Kosibah Bridal which he started in 1991 in London. If you haven’t seen his gowns in person you are missing out. The way he manipulates fabrics to mold to the curves of a woman is magnificent, to say the least! You could say that his old school training in couture measuring 26 precise body measurements for every client, drafting individual body blocks from which the design is drafted, fitting minimum two toiles (prototypes) to ensure the perfect fit! It was daunting just hearing all these details, lol! Using luxurious fabrics, creating bespoke appliques that are then hand applied in place are just some of the dedication and work that goes into creating opulent designs that evoke grandeur and luxury steered him in a natural progression to bridalwear.

Yemi is inspired by designers from New York, and Europe in the early 50s like Dior, Givenchy and Balenciaga who were able to create shapes through the internal structured garment. All of his gowns are custom made, for each individual client (thus the term couture) over the past 26 years, working with 100’s of different body shapes he developed pattern drafting techniques that are meant to sculpt and enhance the figure recreating classic hourglass silhouettes. Oftentimes, design determines fabric choice. An ethereal design calls for soft delicate fabrics like tulle, lace, chiffon, whereas a more structured design calls for zibeline, gazar or duchess satin. Kosibah brides stand out because their gown has been made specifically for her from scratch. Each gown is well fitted and finished with the finest details different from the norm yet classical. Fabrics with structure and a little stretch like double weight Crepe and marocain are perfect for body sculpting designs.

New York is considered one, if not the Fashion Capital of the World. Rivaling New York is London where Yemi started his career, which he may be a little biased towards when it comes to who’s the best! Since expanding Kosibah Bridal to New York it has continued to elevate the brand from being solely UK based brand to a global brand and opening up more opportunities. Now brides from across the United States have access to the fashionista brides dream! Not abandoning his roots Yemi still visits his London Atelier for 10 days every 8 weeks so there’s enough couture to go around. He’s able to see brides from all around the UK, Europe, and Africa. Yemi keeps up with what is trending and with what brides want via social media so he’s always on the pulse and available to consult brides yearning for a custom Kosibah gown.

To be worthy of Kosibah custom creations gowns start at $7,000. Design complexity, fabric and embellishments are all factors involved in the price. On average dresses range between $8,000 and $15,000.

When asked does being in the wedding industry mean you Love Love? Yemi believes you must be optimistic and not cynical about love. You should have a passion for what you do and the desire to create the best experience as possible for your client, right from the beginning of the process through to the end. That is the service that a luxury brand aims to deliver. I would say these are words to live by.

Designer Yemi Osunkoya
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