A French Lace Dress Has More Meaning When It’s Designed By A French Designer-Cymbeline

The whole world is obsessed with everything French–from food, wine, perfume, and even their accent.  If you are an upcoming bride when you think of a bridal gown and are even considering lace, French lace is probably the only lace you know.   The French have seemed to master the art of couture.

So, of course, we would go to France to find a French designer.  And being WBM we landed one of the biggest bridal design houses in the industry.  The bridal house of Cymbeline is a symbol of the best representation of what World Bride Magazine embodies–an international group of designers.

Founded some 40 years ago.  Owner Jean-Philippe Lautraite, with Designer : Olivier Portais (artistic director) and Mademoiselle de Guise and Lucas Anderi for this collection 2019 (capsule collection).

I have to be completely honest, I have a streak of bias towards the brand, I have known of them for over 14 years, and had the pleasure of carrying some pieces from the collection in my boutique. So I genuinely know the inside scope of the quality of the dresses made.  And fast forward to today, they are still made with great care to excellence and style.

While some of the dresses are made with the classic sense of style that bridal is generally known for. Make no mistake, some of the pieces definitely have a modern twist to it for today’s modern woman with her individual vision for what she wants to look like on her wedding day.

What is the secret with the French?  Well we had the opportunity to interview the dream team and here is what they had to share:

o   How long has the company been around:

We have a design team for all our collections.  Olivier Portais is one designer,  and each year we work with 2 designers to create something new and fresh, for the 2019 Collection we will be presenting Mademoiselle de Guise and Lucas Anderi.

o   What inspired you to create the brand?

Our story was always a family story from the very beginning, the building of a legacy, we each were driven with great passion,  daydreams– the shaping of lace which would eventually turn it into a dream dress to create this brand that would inspire the masses.

o   Where do you get your inspiration for each collection? 

Our inspirations come from the women who are getting married that come to us. We stay informed about the fashion industry, we shop for new fabrics–they give us with inspiration.

o   Where can brides/women find the collection (globally)?

Brides can find us of course in Europe, and of course, France being the first where we’ve got 9 properties shops and 11 franchises shops spread all over Europe.  Austria has franchises in Vienna, Spain, with others in Lerida and Gerona Belgium,  Nederlands, Germany,  Italy, The UK, Greece, with more CYMBELINE shops in Athens, Portugal, Norway, Switzerland,  Poland, and Hongria.

Brasil is home to 3 CYMBELINE SHOPS, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, and Curitiba.

Mexico has a CYMBELINE shop in Monterrey.

And last but not least, China and Japan.

o   What are the starting price points? 

The group CYMBELINE is a split of several Brands which provide us with a larger price point starting from 800€ to more depending on the style, but our average price is 1900€.

o   Who should we credit the photos?

Our photographer Sandra Fourqui.

Creative Edge

Runway Pizazz

At Barcelona Fashion Week the holdback nothing when presenting their collection.  Their goal is to wow the buyers that have direct contact with you the bride.  They want to make sure that “Lola gets whatever she wants.” (Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets.)

A little bit of Color for beyond the wedding day

To be clear, when it comes to French Lace and French dresses– Cymbeline is an expert on both.  Shop well.

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