Getting Your Beauty Inspiration From The Golden Globes For Your Wedding

While many people were looking at the Golden Globes for who won the beautiful gold statue– we at World Bride Magazine and the rest of the fashion industry was a bit more concerned about who wore what? And how it translated on the red carpet.

For us at WBM, the looks on the Red Carpet can definitely be a point of inspiration for brides planning their wedding, their wedding party and even the guests that will attend. So we definitely find it exciting to watch and do a recap for you our readers.

So for the purpose of this article we are going to put together some of our favorite looks that go beyond the dress– we loved the beauty looks and the products we would love for you to focus on.

While the dress is a no brain. Ladies and gentlemen your grooming, beauty looks will complete your look. So please invest in getting your makeup, hair, and nails done by a professional, and making sure the products you invest in enhances your look for the day.

Lady Gaga is our first go-to person this season because her dress, her gown was absolutely jaw dropping beautiful. But the whole look was stunning because her hair, and makeup completed her look.

We love the hair color of Lady Gaga.

Her look– hair is was the draw for us. So how does one keep your hair so youthful and healthy at any age. Great Haircare products, especially if you are going so extreme.

Another beauty we fell in love with was Jamie Lee Curtis. This platinum white beauty screams elegance. Age is nothing but a number if you know how to keep it tight. And Jamie Lee Curtis took the cake for me.

No one says goddess like Jamie Lee Curtis with that gorgeous all white ensemble.

Jamie Lee Curtis was a vision in white. She looked ageless even with that gorgeous white hair.

So for those of you who dare to color your hair make sure you treat your hair, keep it nourished during such a harsh process.

Some products we recommend you consider.

Milk Creek Botanical, OMHH, Amazon Botonicals, Mix Chicks, L’Oreal, Kreyol Essence, Shea Moisture, Bumble & Bumble, Cashmere & Caviar, Amika Hair Products,

Whatever your hair texture, having good haircare products is non-negotiable when coloring your hair.

Products that will help you with your stylish Coiffure is equally as important. Styling your hair is going to be a challenge in many ways. How you may ask? There are so many options for styles to choose from on your wedding day. And girls just want to have fun on their wedding day, but not regret selecting a style that will date them. But finding a great stylist doesn’t have to be so difficult if you ask for recommendations. Schedule an appointment to do a trial. That will definitely help you in deciding who is the best fit for you on your wedding day. Your regular hairstylist may not necessarily be an expert in “wedding hair or theatrical hair (you may want a little drama) for your wedding day.

They may have someone on staff who can help in that area. Ask. But getting a trial is going to be your first step.

Share your Pintrest boards, your favorite looks and talk it out.

Our favorites at the Golden Globes were Sandra Oh and Kristen Bell when it came to classic styles and fun looks.

Sandra Oh– Gave us the classic, yet modern take on the wave. Beautiful.

Love the texture– the wave of it all.

Kristen Bell gave us waves.

We loved the loose waves that just gave that kept it classy, yet modern at the same time.

Regina King– Hair Perfection

Regina King gave us the perfect amount of texture, wave, curl that sat just perfect for us with her asymmetrical cut, just kissing her shoulders in the right places. Stunning.

So matter you hair texture, finding the right products to prep your hair and care for your hair is key leading to your wedding day. Your stylists will do the rest.

Finding the right styling products will be key. Check out Starring by Ted Gibson.

Our bonus hair beauty was definitely Kaley Christine Cuoco.

Kaley Christine Cuoco hair was playful.

For us this is the perfect balance of just the right amount of hair off the face, a combination of up and down for any bride who is indecisive about her style choices was Kaley Christine Cuoco nailed it. Love the flirty young look for the youthful bride.

Bottom line ladies– have fun on your wedding day and get inspired by the beautiful looks you see from this seasons award shows.

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