Best Tips For Beauty & Grooming While On Your Honeymoon

You just said I do, and now you’re on your honeymoon.  In no way do you want to compromise with your beauty and grooming routine on such an important occasion.  What is in your beauty & grooming traveling bag is just as important as what you are wearing.
We caught up with celebrity Makeup artists Renee Garnes, who lead the makeup team for the CJ-Resort20 by Carlton Jones and she gave us the behind-the-scenes secrets and how she accomplished these fantastic looks for both him and her.  Even listing the product.



Carlton wanted a makeup look that was fresh but with a pop of color that stood out but not overbearing. So I tailored each individual model with colored eyeliners in various colors using Danessa Myricks Color Fix, that would suit each model & what she was wearing. I used cream blushes by Stila to add color but it will also leave a glowy finish on the cheeks and I topped it off with Iman Cosmetics Luxury Highlighters for additional glow. I then used YSL’s BabyDoll Kiss & Duo Stick to create a stain on each girls lips, so it looks as if it was wearing off but still there.


Products used for the CJ-Resort20
Skin Prep: Drunk Elephant, Protini Polypeptide Cream
Foundation: Bobbie Brown Cosmetics Skin Foundation Sticks
Eye Brows: Benefit’s Precisely My Brow Pencil in #1, #4.5, #6
Eyes: Lids Danessa Myricks Enlight in Aura of Light & Aura of Love
Eye Liner: Danessa Myricks ColorFix in Fruit Punch, Primary Yellow, Beaches, Primary Blue, Royalty, Freedom, Chosen& Secret Garden
Blush: Stilas Cream Blush in Poppy, Petunia, Nude Pink
Highlighters: Iman Cosmetics in Gold Digger, Hot Shot & Glamor Girl
Lips: YSL’s Baby Doll Kiss & Duo Stick in 6-Neutral/Mauve, 5-From Daring to Hottie, 1-From Marrakesh to Paris, 7-Mild to Spicy.


Managing your hair involves more than just combing and brushing it.  It is also about the health of your hair and management has become a lot simpler with the variety of products that are out there for all hair types and texture.
During the Carlton Jones presentation, we saw a variety of hair and texture, along with a variety of lengths. But one thing they had in common was the use of one product– Hair Rules Volumizer.  So we contacted the founder and creator, hair guru Anthony Dickey……. and asked for some tips that would help manage one’s coiffe during the honeymoon period when putting ones looks together for beaching around and date nights.

Humidity is no one’s friend, especially your hair.

Hair rules volumizing hair spray for all textures is the ultimate weapon for any bride with any hair texture. Brilliantly it fights against frizz and blocks humidity while being great for volume or light hold without stickiness.


Gentlemen Quarters
Guys, it’s your honeymoon too.  So you too must look your best.  While on your honeymoon, date-nights.  You will be in need of some of the grooming tips that will keep you looking fresh and well kept.
Whatever your hair texture, make sure you take a minute to condition it after a good wash.  We recommend a couple of products that just may be good for a variety of hair types.
When styling your hair find products that are not going to dry out your hair or cause your scalp to flake. If you use gelling products be sure to read the ingredients and moisturize, moisturize your scalp just as you would your skin.



For that wonderful glow– Renee Garnes used Protini Polypeptide Creme to keep the skin moist and glowing.  Keep it, simple gentlemen.


WBM Bonus Product
When it comes to the sun– as much as we all need the sun and the vitamins it provides, too much of anything is not good for you.  Do so in moderation.  Protect the skin your in and be sure to use products that have sunscreen.