A Winery Wedding, An Unforgettable Plan!

Located in the heart of the Calchaquí Valley, this vineyard seems to be a great venue for wine lovers! Ph Elena Alonso

Altalaluna – Hotel Boutique & Spa is located in Cafayate, Salta, in the north part of Argentina. I had the great opportunity of staying there once and enjoying its magnificent views, meals, wines and great hospitality. Each window overlooks the hills that surround the hotel but also their extensive vineyards as they are TUKMA winery owners as well.

This may be the perfect location for those who are considering Argentina for their wedding as it has the possibility of hosting a wedding for about 200 people. Therefore you will also find beautiful tableware and exquisite table linen sets to upgrade the setting. 

FYI! Employees at the hotel are great! This is something that will make your party even better. These are small things that guarantee a successful celebration.

Tours and experiences

• Walks through the vineyards
• Private or group tastings
• Interviews and talks with the prestigious winemaker José Luis Mounier
• Tasting of regional cheeses and hams.
• Exclusive activities at Finca Las Nubes
• Wines sales at promotional prices and free shipping
• Lunch and dinner in the restaurant with paired menu

Some memories..

Fernando, one of the hotel owners, told me that on full moon nights, the sandy soil of the area projects a kind of “Silver Light” on the ground, making it look quite enchanting. During such nights they usually organize horse rides with picnic baskets that end up with exclusive wine tastings in the middle of the hills.

He also told me about the time when they hosted a large party of out of town guests to celebrate a wedding. On that occasion, while transferring from Salta airport to the hotel, they scheduled a stop at the incredible “Garganta del diablo” spot. Once there, guests were greeted by a group of musicians and invited with delicious finger food tasting. Then, everyone went back to the bus and continued their way to the hotel. Apparently  the experience had been incredible.

How to get to cafayate?

A plane will take you from Buenos Aires to Salta Capital Airport. At that point you will be transferred to the hotel. It’s a two-and-a half-hours drive. The town is small but it is full of spots and places to walk around and be amazed by. You may find restaurants, and local fairs everywhere. There are also many historical buildings to explore and a lot of Argentine history to discover. I really hope you have the opportunity to visit the town and see it yourself…or maybe consider it for a honeymoon destination as well!

I would recommend people to arrive a few days before the wedding, to enjoy the hotel facilities, carry out the rehearsal dinner in the restaurant and relax at night under the trees. I can assure you that this experience will become a lifetime memory. 

A Real wedding…

The wedding photos belongs to Elena Alonso Fotografía

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