Take a look at this Spanish 21st Century-Renaissance Wedding!

Friends, family, an ancient abbey, good wine, exquisite food and the most sophisticated fashion in Europe; Could there be a better combination for a wedding?

They say that good things take time; Nera and Jaime’s wedding was a clear example of this. As a result of the covid pandemic, this couple had to postpone their wedding for more than a year; fortunately they managed to fulfill their dream as it was planned from the beginning.

The venue

Nerea and Jaime’s wedding brought together all the elements of a perfect Spanish wedding and so more! It was carried out in the Abadia de Parraces a 16th century monastery just a few minutes away from Segovia. Every detail was planned into perfection, even the color of the flowers and the children’s outfits matched! Each photo is a masterpiece that proves what I say.

Although it was not easy to give a warm atmosphere to such an old building; the flowers in charge of the Ginkgo Biloba Madrid florist, the decoration of the tables and the natural fiber lamps gave the place the most charming feeling. Such as warm and welcoming as Nerea’s smile.

The Bride

This bride would deserve a separate article just for her. Every detail of the wedding was planned  by her; every flower, every candle, everything! but I must admit that what I liked the most was her outfit.

For her dress, she was inspired by the Valentino dress that Marta Ortega wore at her wedding. The designer in charge of carrying it out was Raquel Ferreiro. It was made of georgette; it had a pleated skirt, satin silk details and golden buttons. Her shoes in dusty pink and bows finished that perfect chic touch. 

Her natural makeup was combined with some little golden dots over her eyes. This trendy touch was my favorite detail of the entire wedding!

Royal guests

In some way, it was their guests who helped to dress the place as well. Their “royal” gowns and hats become part of the venue decor, because unlike other places, at Spanish weddings, women usually wear royal-style garments and accessories. Outfits that we usually see only on queens or princesses like Kate Middleton or Queen Letizia of Spain among others.

I especially enjoy watching guests at European weddings because I think this makes them unique in the world.

I feel so deeply grateful to this couple who has allowed me to share their wedding in World Bride Magazine. I had never seen a wedding before that combined, the old style with the most modern trends so well.



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