American’s In Barcelona– Sorting Out Your Wedding Needs

As we mentioned to you in several of our articles your wedding journey is not one you will have to do alone. We are here for all of it. We enjoy every moment of it and it is our job to think ten steps ahead of you and anticipate all your bridal needs while inspiring you.

Your dress is one of the most important competent to your wedding experience. While this one item to some may seem insignificant, to others it says so much. It makes you feel a certain way, it can build your confidence , it evokes emotions from those that see you– it speaks volumes.

We are not encouraging anyone to break the bank to look spectacular for one day with a dress you will only wear a few hours of your lifetime. What we are saying is make sure that your enthusiasm matches your investment for such a short time. Love the dress you select.

There are amazing folks that take this process very serious for you and with you. They invest every portion of their career with you in mind. We decided to follow three Americans to Barcelona to Fira Barcelona which is one of the most important part of the business where designers, boutiques, and the media come together to see the collections presented from designers all over the world. The fair has a high international profile, with 80% of foreign companies —6 percentage points above 2019— coming from 27 countries, mainly from the U.K., USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey,
France, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Lebanon and Israel, among others, which ratifies it as an essential event for professionals and bridal fashion lovers from all over the world.

First up is Elizabeth Selassie, owner of Designer Loft, a bridal boutique in the heart of the Garment District in New York City. I followed her to one of her appointments in one of the biggest manufacturers and design group in the world Rosa Clara. Rosa Clará founded the brand in 1995, she opened her first store selling wedding dresses in Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona. The showroom and corporate offices was a 45 minute ride from our hotel and a beautiful scenic ride it was to the establishment. It has multiple levels to this well oiled machine.

The hospitality was felt from the moment we walked through the door. Her rep greeted us at the door and guided us through their massive establishments taking us through each floor to look at the plethora of gowns they had to offer. For me it would be impossible to contain myself. I felt like a kid in a candy store seeing beautiful gowns after beautiful gowns on so many different floors. No wonder you brides have a hard town narrowing it down to one dress. Some of you refuse to keep it to one dress and have multiple changes. Bravo.

As I followed Liz, Oscar and Jamie her boutique team member from her New York boutique. It was outstanding to watch them go back and forth about style, fabrication, and the overall esthetic of their boutique, the customer, and the whole process of buying with their brides in mind.

While the runway is an excellent way to showcase the product there is so much involved in stocking for the boutique. So as each of your brides consider where you will go shop for your dress, understand there is so much involved when you walk into the boutique. And when you visit their boutique be sure to tell them that World Bride Magazine sent you.

Rosa Clará is just one of the brands of many that invest countless of dollars, in not only creating fashion forward, chic, elegant gowns to “sell”, their process is layered and ultimately they are all their to serve you on your special day to make you look as good as you feel.

Thank you to the wonderful experience Rosa Clará — a great lunch and wonderful view.

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