Inner Wellness: Meditation, Breath-Work, & Energy Healing

As the co-founder of MANJIT app. I’m so excited that I get to share my insights here on WBM pertaining to inner wellness such as meditation, breath-work, self hypnosis and energy healing. 

Whether you are planning a wedding, event or just trying to balance the many demands of life, you may have found that your stress levels have started to slowly creep up in intensity. It’s been a wild ride for all of us in many different ways and perhaps the past couple of years have also given you a little space to think about the way that you think or maybe you already see a therapist or coach to help you decipher the patterns that you wish to elevate from. If so, well done. you should always celebrate your journey of inner evolution. 

I’m in mindset of prevention, even though I help a lot of clients re-pattern their past trauma using self-hypnosis, I’m noticing a surge in clients who are reaching out to me because they suffer from constant anxiety which leads to feeling of unworthiness, impostor syndrome and depression.

Even though Stress is the cause of 90 percent of all diseases, when  you actually take a few minutes every morning to  teach your body how to react to the inevitabilities of life, you can get the head start and condition your body how to feel instead of your body reacting with rising high blood pressure, elevated resting heart rate eventually resulting in a panic or heart attack.

That’s why I’m here to help! I’m passionate about you living the most authentic, brilliant life filled with purpose and excellent health. I want to give you easy tricks and tools on how you can start feeling calm and centered with just three minutes every day. If you find it hard to meditate – like a lot of people do nowadays, the entry point that I encourage is for you to start with deep breath work. Constant exposure to high stress results in shallow breaths which makes the tiny sacs at the ends of the lungs, known as alveoli, to collapse and not provide the large enough surface area exchange of oxygen and C02 to take place. 

Right now take a deep breath in…… Did your shoulders move up? Did you breathe into your chest or belly? When you are a shallow or chest breather you may notice your shoulders move up first, you may not be using your full natural lung capacity. 

Now, try again, take a deep breath in and feel the diaphragm muscle (The band of muscle that goes across the bottom of the ribs) stretch down and allow that inhale to cause the belly to protrude outwards. When this happens the organs are moving down and make room for the lungs in the chest to fully expand. Those tiny sacs at the end of the lungs now get to “wake up” and fully inflate again. Now as you breathe out, extend the exhale twice so it’s twice as long. 

Make that exhale nice and smooth, always breathing out through the nose. This sends a signal to the body that you are in healing mode and that you feel safe and secure that it’s ok for you to relax.  So now I encourage you to practice this for three minutes, place your hands on your belly and see if you can breathe in deeply using your diaphragm muscle and exhale twice in as long without your shoulders moving up.  Allowing the chest to be the last thing that inflates after the lower belly. That’s the way that you know you are breathing nice and deep expansively.

Also when you breathe in send the inhale to the sides of the belly and to the lower back where the kidneys are. If you start doing this every day just for 3 1/2 minutes you’ll notice that after a few days you’ll be able to start extending the length of breath.  for example breathing in for four and exhaling for eight and then breathing in for five and exhaling 10.  Right now I have a 10 minute practice that I do first thing in the morning where I breathe in for 10 and I exhale for 20 and then I hold for 20 – its hard but I’m trying to expand my lung capacity as much as possible as studies show studies that it can add nine years to your life. 

The most important thing we have is our health and with this practice, it’s so easy to connect to your body and breathe deep, at the same time imagining beautiful light filling you up which will remind you to invoke gratitude for your body and show up happier every day. Isn’t that what life is about? Showing up with full force and vitality?  I want to gently remind you that we always have a choice when it comes to shifting our mindset, we can help ourselves by introducing small tiny habits such as deep breathwork to invoke those changes.

If you would like a free guided session for this calming healing breathwork with binaural beats, it’s called “Golden balloon” session and I encourage you to practice it every morning as a mini ritual. 

Until next time my beautiful friends,

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