Pulling Out the Big Guns…….


Five days to my wedding. The bridesmaid dresses aren’t finished or fitted. I am trying to keep my cool but this designer is doing his best to work my last nerve. I am practicing my NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO at this point, crossing my fingers and hoping I don’t have to lose my mind on some poor soul that simply asks me a dumb question. I am sending the girls to the tailor with the dresses that don’t fit right and handing him the receipts. I can’t…I just can’t deal.

DJ unreliable: Remember when I said the DJ (not naming names) was non responsive? Well, He eventually called and scheduled a meeting with me last Tuesday. A meeting he did not show up for. He did not text, email or leave me a message to explain the absence either. I politely sent him a scathing email about his unprofessional behavior. The next day, I got an email stating that on the way to my house he was stopped at a police check point, arrested for suspended license, spent the night in JAIL and came out only to find his car towed. (Blank stare) …

I don’t buy it. Nor do I want to put my wedding day in the hands of someone THAT irresponsible. This story is so many things and none of them good.

Lucky for me, I had DJ Beverly Bond on speed dial. Yes…THE Beverly Bond. The only reason I didn’t call her in the first place was because we’re friends and I was afraid I couldn’t afford her. It’s tough for me to discuss money with friends. She’s been an ANGEL. I could have saved myself the two silver hairs that sprouted last week by just picking up the phone. Oh well, You live and you learn.

Cake fiasco: I had cupcakes scheduled to grace my dessert table at the reception, only to find out that my designer didn’t love them. She told me to cancel them and she’d get her baker on the job. I cancelled the cupcakes on Thursday only to find out that the baker’s daughter is scheduled to give birth on Saturday and the Baker cannot do my cake. SO I call Sugar sweet sunshine (THE best cupcake spot in NYC) and they shredded my order. Now, I have to make an appointment to do another tasting to re-do my order. Perfect. I must have all the time in the world 5 days before my wedding. Just perfect.

The rehearsal is scheduled for Saturday morning as the venue will be open for business Saturday evening and already I have two people from the wedding party who can’t make it for various reasons. *Sigh.

Can I just skip the wedding and go straight to the honeymoon?
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