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One of the biggest challenges to planning a wedding is also being thoughtful of your guests that have little people. You may even have a little one or little ones yourself that should be included in your nuptials.

How do you go about including them into the festivities of such a special occasion? What do they wear? How do you find great clothing that suits the occasion, and make a suitable fashion statement?

We found the most adorable fashion house that created some statement pieces that will suit such an event, Isossy Children.

Isossy Children had proudly hosted its annual press, Bloggers and Stylists day at The Wesley Hotel in Central London this past February and it was there it was discovered.

It was the official launch of The Isossy Babies collection, a deliciously ‘bubblelicious’ collection. This collection is for fashionable ‘Bambino Babies.’ The collection included the Fifi romper in African prints and contrasting cotton sateen with shirred detailing and some gorgeous 2-piece shorty sets like ‘Ootsey Cutsey’ and Mianna. Finally, the dresses, Anastascia, Rosa and Emelina offer complete special occasion elegance.


The team showcased the new Boys Collection SS14 which has been described as ‘The Little Sapeurs’ collection, think dapper gentlemen and smooth style. The boys’ collection is a mix of special occasion suits and smart casual wear. The Isossy Girls Collection serves as a perfect accompaniment to The Boys Collection with its fluid fun, and as always, unique pieces. The girls’ range includes design features like mock epaulettes and mock welt stitching in contrasting colours.

This introduction of ‘Isossy Occasion,’ a new melody for Flower Girls and Page Boys with a new collection designed specifically for weddings and special occasions. Made from textually exquisite Asian silks, cotton sateen, taffeta and chiffon, Isossy Occasion promises Isossy Children’s trademark individuality and attention to detail. Peaches & cream, lilac and roses set the theme for the classic hues, whilst dynamic jewel tones in red and purple silk offer
elegance in dynamic hues.
































Isossy Children was founded by Amanda Rabor in 2010. Now entering into its 9th season, it continues to offer children style and design reflecting truly global culture. “In times of change and diverse living, fashion can reflect diverse cultures for up and coming generations to own, to claim and to wear in everyday life. It’s for the new global citizens of the world,” says Amanda.

The brand is honoured to stand by its ‘Made in England’ manufacturing ethos, integrating African, Asian and Western global cultures.

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