Get Dressed: Japan Has Sent Some of Its Finest to Fit You for Your Wedding and Beyond

Couture Show 2



Put a little flare in your nuptials. Yes, I agree we all can put our pants on one leg at a time—if you want to be boring. But some of us just want to fall back and put both legs in and jump right into it. For those of us that won’t settle for the same old uniform, tuxedo suit, and want a little kick in our punch—well, have we got news for you. The Japanese have done it again. They are taking center stage in the bridal industry and have brought a little funk to bridal fashion.

It was just last year while attending Couture Bridal Market Week that I was captivated by this petite somewhat shy, yet fashion-forward diva, Hiroko. Her bold pieces were what grabbed my attention. Red Carpet In New York is the name of her company; I saw it immediately. Although she was debuting her collection during bridal market week, I instantly saw the clothes going beyond one’s wedding. The women wearing her pieces definitely have to have a flare for pink, and the extraordinary, to appreciate her vision. Though inspired by the whole princess theme, this princess is definitely not boring.


Fast-forward to the second season and this time Hiroko brings with her what seems to be her partner in crime Masahiro Soga. His designs are absolutely stage-ready, bring in the funk and you’re Red Carpet ready. I definitely see Samuel L. Jackson asking me “what’s in my wallet with these suits, or the jacket alone?” In other words, what do you acquire for your purchase? Well, here’s what you get: The fit—classic, the fabric—quality, the workmanship—the best money can buy. For you grooms who want to bring in the noise and bring in the funk, this collection is definitely an option. Don’t be afraid. This dynamic duo has a pretty “bright” future for them here in the American fashion arena, especially in Hollywood and in the editorial world. Entertainers will flip for this. Do I see them participating in New York Fashion Week? Only time will tell. But for now… I told you first.




Masahiro Soga-Designer

Masahiro is a Tokyo native who owns multiple companies and wedding gown boutiques throughout the hip neighborhoods of Tokyo. He has the heart of Japan, OMOTENASHI, which translates in the quality of his work. His stores carry only the best of the best for his customers. With his strong belief in the Japanese tradition, he opened up a high-end Kimono shop. He takes pride in Japanese philosophy for quality and is happy to share it now in the States.


Hiroko Tashiro-Owner/Designer

Hiroko was born and raised in Tokyo. As a young girl, Hiroko was very fond of the concept of being a princess and believes that every girl should feel like a princess on her wedding day. She started her company Red Carpet in New York in 2010 and began designing dresses last year and is happy to be introducing a menswear collaboration with Masahiro that complement the collection. Hiroko is grateful for her amazing friends whom she has met along the way and have made it possible for her to showcase her work today.

The Team


Gavin Grymes, Creative Director. Gavin migrated from the South to New York in 2009. When Hiroko met Gavin she knew he was the prince to her princesses. They immediately joined forces in 2012 to help conquer the wedding world.


Yasunobu Motoki, Assistant Director. Yasunobu, Tokyo born, has been Masahiro’s right-hand man for several years now. Whenever anything needs to be done, you will find him already on the job and ahead of the game.

In essence, unless you are like me and are looking for any reason to travel the world, you don’t have to go to Japan to get your stylish clothes. Masahiro and Hiroko have settled in New York and they want to dress you for your wedding and beyond.


For your shopping needs you can either do what I love to do, hop on a plane and go to Japan; or if you plan it correctly you can catch these two in New York City by scheduling an appointment to get your private fitting and get your attire made-to-order like the other one percent do, custom-made. Enjoy!

Location: Japan – Primtemps Ginza B2F 3-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061; Phone: +81-3-6228-7090

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