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Wedding @ Sunset

J. Aquino Cheatem

Have you ever dreamed of a wedding at sunset? Have you imagined the waves of the ocean behind you with palm trees kissing a perfect blue sky? If so, you must head to the central coast of California where your fantasy wedding awaits you at Pismo Beach. Serene and private, with glorious sunsets over the Pacific Ocean providing the perfect backdrop for that one special day.

While taking my own romantic getaway in Pismo Beach recently, I was lucky to discover the SeaCrest Resort. A beautiful, friendly, and economical resort that is the best kept secret in the sunny state. SeaCrest Resort is not only perfect for family vacations but also the location for unforgettable wedding ceremonies, which they host with pride. Our suite was stylishly decorated and also featured a private jacuzzi. My partner and I uncorked our complementary bottle of wine and cuddled on our private oceanfront balcony as we watched the beautiful sunset. To our surprise there was a wedding ceremony going on four stories below. We watched the couple kiss as the setting sun slowly turned the sky red, pink and purple. I don’t know the bride and groom, but I know they had a perfect wedding day.

The midpoint between Los Angeles and San Francisco and minutes from the Sonoma Valley wineries makes the central coast of California perfect for both wedding and honeymoon. You can go wine tasting, hiking, or even take a short drive to either major city. You can eat freshly picked berries and go climbing the rocks of the Shell Beach shore. But don’t worry newlyweds… no one will judge you for choosing to snuggle up alone in your private hot tub.101_1568.JPG

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