Let Them Eat Cake—Chef Mo Mo Talks the Sweet Stuff


I love you like a fat kid loves cake!

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Cake selection is an important decision when it comes to couples, as that cake is presented in front of your lover’s face, it is just as fun as throwing the garter belt or bouquet.

Think about that wedding day and do not forget about how great that cake should be. Heck if Im gonna have cake tossed in my face, it might as well be tasty. Just like menu selections, cake flavors depend on the individual taste. Cake selection also depends on the theme of your wedding as well as the budget. The bigger the cake, the pricier the budget.

Wedding cake ideas take planning. If there is a spring/summer marriage, make sure that you plan well in advance (six to nine months), because most bakers are in high demand.

When choosing a cake style think about the theme of the wedding. If you want to carry on a tradition, then your job may be a little easier. Take a look at old photos of family weddings to get inspiration. Look through bridal magazines and even bridal blogs. There is no exception to the rule when thinking of what kind of cake you want. Check out bakeries and baker displays. Ask to see portfolios of cake ideas and more importantly always ask to taste their cake. Check references on time restraints and client satisfaction. Good bakeries will offer a small selection to taste from. Some venues may offer wedding cakes as part of a package. Make sure to taste some options of the venue as well.

If you are simply not a cake person, then cheesecake may be the way to go. Also note that the cheesecake option will be much less expensive than a traditional wedding cake, and you can still have layers for decorations or flowers. There are many creative ideas out there, some people are choosing a single cake and adding candy tables, cupcakes, cookies or brownies for extra pizzazz.

Once you have an idea of your theme or favorite flavors, think about your budget and always calculate how many guests the cake has to serve. When consulting with your baker, make sure they are aware of your likes, dislikes and attendee—obviously the more guests, the bigger the cake. Make sure to let the baker know about design wishes and also ask about cake delivery. Another suggestion is to have the baker deliver your cake instead of someone picking it up—you do want your cake in one piece. Find out if there is a delivery cost so that you can factor it in your budget. Have fun and let everyone eat CAKE!!


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“I have a passion for people and I believe that life is what you make it…so I plan! to make it memorable.” Monique Moy, affectionately known as “Chef MoMo” or simply “Mo”, is a Philly transplant actively taking the Los Angeles area by storm.  Mo is an inspirational tale of rags-to-insane riches-to loss-to finally doing it her own damn way. The former hip-hop artist set out to build upon her real passion – cooking – and in 2009 she started Francis Rose Catering, named after her grandmothers.

Growing up on“the wrong side of the tracks”, Mo never attended any formal culinary school, but her skills were evident. Through her deep connections, she partnered with Team Jet and secured the catering contract for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Seeing an opportunity, she also launched a healthy living program with gluten free, low-carb and vegetarian entrees long before they became popular with the mainstream.

In 2011, Mo took her talents to Los Angeles, where the hustle continued. Her LA clientele have included high profile celebrities such as NBA players Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, musical artists such as Justin Bieber, Will Smith and Actor Charlie Sheen, law firms, sports arenas, etc.

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