Celebrating Fashion with Yumi Katsura

Photographs by: Megan Jander


Since 1964, Yumi Katsura opened her first bridal salon in Japan and initiated the formation of the All Japan Bridal Association.  Since then fashion has evolved tremendously and many of the designers have equally evolved.  After breaking barriers between East and West we were not surprised that Yumi Katsura developed into a fashion legend in the bridal industry and with her clients.


During the New York International Bridal Week, the industry celebrated Yumi Katsura’s Fall 2016 “Golden Harvest” Collection. This was a brilliant collection, splashes of bold patterns, bright colors, and textured skirts. Each dress was more unique and beautiful than the last with an unusual cross between East and West, with the combination of two different cultures that flawlessly compliment these rare designs. This rare intersection creates a chic, modern, and timeless collection that will allow women to shine in their own skin, idiosyncratically.


Virtues are highly respected and regarded in many cultures around the world and Yumi Katsura incorporated these into her designs by naming each gown after prominent virtues like Love, Life, Strength and Light and incorporating inspirations from each virtue.


As an Asian, I had grown to respect Yumi Katsura’s ability to create designs with her customers in mind and with passion and love in her heart. She explained how she was born to create this company, and her inspirations came from her natural talent and love for fashion with support from her mother. “It’s not about being a designer and dress maker; as the owner you have to understand your customers how they feel and think.”


Yumi Katsura is highly regarded as one of Japan’s and the world’s most prolific designers and her bridal designs are considered masterpieces. Her latest collection is no exception and World Bride Magazine was thrilled to be there to see the unveiling and celebrate her phenomenal contributions to the fashion world.

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