WBM Travels: 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel, Boldt Castle- All In New York

Last stop on our trip to the Finger Lakes. As if it couldn’t get any better, it just did.

Yes I know we are not living in the best of times. But it sure isn’t the worse of times depending on the lenses you are looking from.

It is difficult to believe that we are living during a time of pandemic when the sun is shining, and you are surrounded by so much beauty. But again, we are putting things into its proper perspective. We are not selling you “things”. We are sharing with you experiences. We are asking you to live in the moment. Stop and smell the roses. The universe has slowed us down for a reason–maybe we were moving to fast, not noticing the little things, the more simpler things. Maybe it is time for us to get reconnected with nature, and its maker–the higher being, the Creator.

And these were all the things that crossed my mind driving up to the 1000 Islands Harber Hotel. I just could not stop thinking about how beautiful New York is and I had not even explored it.

Being in the wedding industry for so long, I just imagined city life, a beach here and there– the Pyramid’s of Egypt, skyscraper’s-Burj Khalifah, the rainforest in Costa Rica, a wedding on the sea… but how about a simple field, garden, castle wedding right in my backyard. Wow.

This trip through the Finger Lakes at a slow pace was just what I needed to take it all in. Then I simply wanted to share it with you our readers to remind you or introduce you to some of the states most beautiful natural venues that will take your breath away.

The region is filled with countless of activities that will blow your mind and sooth your soul. Only if you stop and take it all in.

The 1000 island straddles between the US and Canadian border. It is home to elaborate mansions such as the Boldt Castle. And yes you can plan a wedding at the Castle.

Once we arrived at the lovely 1000 Island Harbor hotel, once again the staff was warm and inviting. You all know I am a stickler for customer service. Our room was wonderful. They too had a space that you can plan your wedding on the grounds outdoors or in one of their meeting spaces.

We had another full day that would be fruitful and educational.

There was a private tour of the Antique Boat Museum planned for us. Absolutely wonderful. I learned so much about the talent and value of boating.

We later had an opportunity to get a ride in the boat to simply enjoy the exquisite location by boat. And boy was it everything it was meant to be.

So while you are here on the ground–take the time and discover New York and see why so many are saying I love New York.

For all your travel needs, and WBM Weddings bookings please contact us at WBM Travel and travel@worldbrideamgazine.com. Until the next trip–be safe.

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