Julie Vino: Pride of Israel


Photographs by: Wedding Inspirasi


Before you create masterpieces you must have a creative vision. And, vision is what Julie Vino, Israeli artist, had – fashion. Having grown up with an interest in fashion, Vino dove into her creative roots and created a very distinctive style in her collection during New York Bridal Market Week.

The show took place at EZ Studios in New York, a picturesque modern studio that perfectly set the tone and mood for her show. With champagne in hand and cameras ready, those present for the show, including World Bride Magazine, we knew this collection would be devoted to class and style.

The gowns modeled were individually unique in style and meticulously crafted. Some were simple and sophisticated, others were lavishly laced and beaded. Vino draws her inspirations from a variety of fabrics presented from all over the world. Ethnic and handmade brocades from India, the finest lace from France, and embroidered fabrics from Italy are pieces Vino incorporated into her designs creating exceptional, one-of-a-kind gowns that speaks to each individual bride and everything she is looking for on her special day.


We were delighted to meet and interview Julie Vino, the beautiful mastermind behind these gorgeous gowns; and learn more about this visionary.  Vino described her stylistic vision as being a combination of classic and modern, and puts her passion and love into her work and makes her clients’ a top priority. To Julie Vino, it’s more than just a wedding dress, it’s about the relationship between the bride and her gown. Because there is nothing more special than a bride wearing a stunning gown that effortlessly matches her beauty both inside and out.

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