LA Weddings: Egypt Inspired

Do you dream about an Egyptian wedding, enchanting Egyptian atmosphere, and fabulous scenery? Or just curious and want to learn more about the Egyptian wedding traditions? WBM interviewed one of the most well-known Egyptian wedding planners, Lotfy Abdel Aziz, the owner of LA Weddings.



“I am a wedding planner, started my official business in September of 2013. I’ve done weddings in several well-known hotels here in Cairo. I’ve been chosen in a list of Best 19 Wedding Planners by Scoop Empire website and I am recommended by 2 well know hotels in Cairo (Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah & Le Méridien Cairo Airport)”.
Lofty’s duty is to make your weddings unforgettable! He offers a lot of services for your weddings: wedding planning, engagement planning, event decoration, event entertainment (DJs, Photographers, Singers, etc.), make-up artists, and hair dressers. You don’t need to worry about a thing!


Like many countries, Egyptian weddings have their own traditions to respect. Lofty told us some of the most common:
1-The Kosha: a special place on a stage where the couple sits with different style options for the background, all of which the couple selects. Many guests enjoy having photos with the couples on the sacred Kosha.
2-Zaffa: a tradition which takes place in the beginning of the ceremony where a group of 10 to 20 members with different Egyptian instruments perform and sing special songs. People like to dance and laugh and this is considered important entertainment in weddings.
3-Sharbat: a traditional drink that has its own show in weddings. Couples drink from each other’s cup using a straw and in the same time, this drink is served to guests by the waiters.
The wedding attire consists of the classical black tuxedo for the groom and huge white, long dress for the bride, even if we can find exceptions (as in every part of the world). Lofty is here to help you with the whole preparation.
Lofty was very precise about the process “The preparations take place with the wedding planner when the couple decides to set a wedding date, they search for wedding planners and ballrooms. Most of the time the couples come to the wedding planner after they choose the ballroom. They discuss all their needs in their wedding with the wedding planner and we share different visions and photos that suits the couples. I help the couples by showing them different ideas and trying to compromise between their vision and mine to create a unique vision for their wedding, and then we decided the budget and after that we sign the contract and I start working on the wedding items and materials.”



So what can we say? Check them out!

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