Shiba Inu: a small japanese diamond

We are delighted to present a piece of the heart of Japan and an important part of the Japanese culture – the Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu is one of the most popular breeds in this country by being the smallest and oldest dog of all the Japan’s breeds and his in the line of hunting dogs. This unusual name when translated means “brushwood dog”, from his tendency to run through brush and thick grass while hunting. It’s the breed most genetically similar to wolves, and the oldest domesticated dog breeds. Shiba Inus have more than just historical roots in Japan, he is part of the Japanese culture and he is one of 9 monument breeds in his country. The Japanese love the Shiba Inu’s temperament, independence, loyalty, reserved yet, playful and sociable at the same time.
The Japanese describe the Shiba Inu in 3 words: Kan –i, Ryosei and Soboku, meaning brave, loyal and naive in essence, it’s like to have a small Samurai in your house! This versatile dog has a reputation for being known as “the smiley dog” as you can see below at the picture of my Yuki!


In Hong Kong, the passion for this breed was the inspiration for a great idea: SHIBAinc.
“We are obsessed with our Shiba – DD. We bring her with us everywhere! But in Asia, lots of places do not allow dogs to enter such places as; shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants. Prior to opening our SHIBAinc online shop, we couldn’t find any Shiba related products anywhere. Until the day of my Shiba’s birthday when we designed mugs as gift to give to our friends who attended DD’s birthday party. Until that day, we weren’t thinking about opening a shop, we just designed and drew for fun, and then upload videos we had taken on our social networks. Then, all of sudden, so many people from overseas asked where they could be purchased. That simple, and now we have a wonderful business.”


I know you are asking what is SHIBAinc?
“SHIBAinc company was founded in 2013 and is an online design company that manufactures and markets unique & original household products, and accessories & apparel for dogs, especially our beloved Shiba breeds”.

Everybody loves Shiba Inus! DD’s owners had a great idea and have built a global online company. They have every kind of item you can imagine from ornaments for the Christmas season, mugs, calendar, toys, carpets, blankets, stickers, bags, pillows and to so much more throughout the year a site filled with cute, high quality handmade and handcrafted products. A lot of great and cute products good quality.

“Our biggest seller the ShiBE doll is all handmade by our local Hong Kong companies and our hottest seller is the wedding shiba items! In 2014 our Shiba friend was getting married and they wanted their Shiba to attend to the wedding. Of course, we had to think about how the local hotel and restaurant would deal with their policy of not allowing dogs to attend, so we decided to design a pair of ShiBE wedding plush to surprise our friend. The wedding went very well, our little group of Shiba also attended the outdoor ceremony. Plus, now we know a lot of owners who want their shiba to get married!!!!”


Interesting, in the world of dogs, some owners apparently have come to expect that their pets get married, and they can host a wedding or at least obtain a wedding item for this special occasion. Interestingly, we understand at the time of this article someone has written a movie about two buldogs falling in love and get married, and apparently it is coming to the big screen! So after it opens, don’t be surprised if people you know begin to ask about wedding Shiba Inus items! And, perhaps if the owners are getting married, you might want to contact SHIBAinc for a special wedding collar so you too can bring your elegant Shiba with you at your own wedding.


“Coming in December 2015, one of our Shiba friends is taking pre-wedding photos, and we designed 20 tuxedo dog collars for 20 the Shibas 10 bridesmaid & 10 best men to attend the pre-wedding photos. We are very happy to create these handmade collars, and excited to be part of their wedding”.




Check the website and discover the amazing world of SHIBAinc!


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