The Affaire of the Cake

Many brides often find themselves dieting strenuously before their wedding dates. This quest to fit into the perfect wedding dress can be extremely stressful, but what about something sweet to look forward to? Instead of stressing over a goal weight, many modern brides have now decided to do things differently! Forget the confines of a strict diet, and bring on the cake!

Thankfully, the team at Dallas Affaires Cake Co. is ready and waiting to kick any bride off into the diet “cheat day” to rival all others. I had to do some investigating of my own, so my maid of honor, Adrian and I headed to the dessert shop that we had heard so many great things about.
Greeted by the personable Cassandra, cake decorator extraordinaire, we were treated to a delicious day of heavenly desserts (and even had a bit to take home!)

We all know that a good recommendation goes a LONG way when it comes to selecting something as important as a wedding cake. Everyone is going to eat it; it will be on display; you’ll take a ton of photos around it; and it’s like having your very own piece of custom art.

The team at Dallas Affaires Cake Co. was warm, pleasant, and really helpful in making my vision become a reality. All I had was a rough sketch and a few pictures, and I’m already confident that our wedding cake is going to be wonderful!

Since 1986, Dallas Affaires Cake Co. has created memorable wedding cakes, special event cakes, specialty items, and more for your “affaires”. While their cakes, cupcakes, and fabulous bakery confections are constantly evolving, the team at Dallas Affaires never forgets the best quality and customer service.

This cake company is rooted in its local community with a very friendly, funny, & helpful staff. Together, hard-working staff like Cassandra (manager) and Shayla (cake decorator) has created the unique, sweet centerpieces for thousands of celebrations from baby showers to birthdays… and of course, weddings! Check out their custom work or click here to make your appointment today!

Now, I’ve never seen my guy Blake so excited about something that came in a pink bag before! This local bakery will not only set up an amazing tasting for you and a partner, but they also send you home with a goodie bag for your soon-to-be-spouse!! They provided us with a sampling of the custom cakes and frostings that we chose for our big day… and they did not disappoint. Talk about going the extra mile!

Photo by Local Embers & Co.

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