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December is one of my favorite times of the year; everyone’s shopping, cooking, baking and singing.   It’s a time when families and close friends get together to celebrate with each other.Are you slightly OVERWHELMED, when it’s time to design your table for the holidays?Here are some tips for setting your table the proper way and making it fabulous. Add beautiful flowers, serving dishes and other holiday items to enhance your table.  Holiday Flowers 2



                            BEVERAGE & WINE GLASSES

Beverage & Wine GlassesIf serving wine at dinner, select the correct wine glass based on the type of wine you are serving. The wine glasses are placed on the right, above the silverware and are placed in the order they will be used.   Remove them after each course.




The Napkin can be placed on the left of the dinner plate, on top of the dinner plate or under the salad and dinner fork.  You can also use a charger under the dinner plate.  Depending on the Table size,  the teacup and saucer as well as the dessert fork and spoon can come out when dessert and tea or coffee will be served.  Remember, if you are unsure of what silverware to use first, ALWAYS start from the outside going in.

Have a TEArific Holiday!

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