7 Tips On How To Find A Good Marriage Counselor And What To Look For


Sometimes couples experience a difficult time in their marriage. As a result, they may need the services of a marriage counselor. Just like everything in life, you should consider having a professional to help you navigate the situation.  The key is to find one that will help you solve your marriage problems.

Here are  7 tips on when to look and how to find a great marriage counselor.

1. Know The Signs: Its important to be aware of how your marriage is working. If you and your spouse are arguing with regularity then maybe you may need to seek some counseling. Listen to what your spouse says to you and don’t wait until the last minute to solve your problems.

2.  Communicate With Your Partner: Its important to talk to your spouse on a regular basis.  A lot of problems can be avoided if you are able to discuss your feelings. If sharing your feelings doesn’t work then you will need some assistance.

3. Talk To Your Doctor Or Clergyman: Your family doctor or local clergyman can be a great source in finding a good marriage counselor. Be honest in your explanation so he or she can put you in the right direction in seeking the proper help.

4. Ask Your Friends And Relatives: If it doesn’t bother you, use your network of family and friends to find a good counselors in your area. Many churches and nonprofit mental health agencies have a variety of mental health programs and asking the people who run these programs could also lead you in the right direction.

5.  Do Your Homework: When asking for a counselor or finding a mental health program, always inquire  whether that person has a good reputation. Remember finding a counselor to help you depends on how you interact with the recommended counselor and how they interact with you. It may take a couple of times to find the right fit, but do not give up.

6. Be Persistent and Take It One Step At A Time : Finding a good counselor will pay off for you both in the long run,  be persistent in finding the right person for you. As for dealing with your fears, learn to take it one day at a time. Each day can provide you with different opportunities to learn new things and that includes learning how to deal with your problems.

7. Listen To The Professionals, Not Your Friends–Your friends may mean well, but when it comes down to it, the professionals know your situation more than anyone. When you have questions regarding your marriage, listen to the professionals and then follow their advice.

 Keep the line of communication open on all levels.
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