Jessica Bishop Wants You To Be A Budget Savvy Bride & Groom AT Any Budget

For many of you couples prior to the COVID-19 crisis, you had some measure of control of what your wedding was going to look like.  Many of you probably had your vendors lined up, dress, tux, and even your honeymoon booked.  You and your loved ones were ready to party!!!

Now all of that has been shifted and you are filled with uncertainties.  Some may have had to reschedule to later dates and some are simply just trying to move forward with the dates but with no audience, or smaller group.  Either way, there is some measure of disappointment.  Understandably so.

We wanted to write this piece to reassure you that while this may seem drastastic– note that you have more support than you think.  Vendors are being very flexible to make sure you have a wonderful wedding. It is all about communication.  They too are suffering major losses.  They too were looking to be a part of your great day in some small way.

So as we all make the necessary adjustments, we want you to keep a few things in mind– it is about the marriage, not the wedding.  It is about quality, not quantity.

Why do we say so?  Simply put– the venue, the cake, the dress, the food, the photographer are all things that add to the celebration.  They make it more joyous and memorable.  And getting quality vendors that have the same standard of thinking to know how important this day is for you and want it to be as perfect can get in this lifetime.  So why settle, stress, and fall to pieces for things you can NOT control.

You have been planning this for what, six months, a couple of years, your whole life, what is a couple of more months if you have to wait, it is not necessary.  Your vendors will work with you.




For those of you who are planning future weddings– I suggest you check out what is now one of my favorite books– The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer by Jessica Bishop.  This is a well thought out book that will help you as a couple, a planner to outline your needs to have a wonderful soiree that will be memorable at any budget.  From the moment of your engagement until you leave for your honeymoon all things for your wedding are thought of in this book.

Join me as I discuss with the founder of as we discuss the current situation when planning weddings and beyond.

So before you make another phone call–grab a copy of the book The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer and feel free to shoot Jessica an email with questions that are tickling your mind.  Tell her World Bride Magazine sent you.

“Use this unique time we are in to pause and remember the purpose of a wedding. No matter what the day looks like or how many people are physically there to witness, it’s about the commitment made between the two of you.” Jessica Bishop.



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