The 21st Century Art of Tipping with Apps



In today’s luxury travel and tourism market, corporations are focused on providing exceptionally memorable service from the largest request to the most minute. These extraordinary service providers are poised to delivery all the essentials required for your time in their place of business. These providers have spent years training to be the best in their field.

When I travel I am always amazed by their demeanor, willingness to accommodate my oddest request and forthcoming about where or how I can accomplish my goals in the country.  Everyone from the concierge, butlers, chambermaids to the pool attendants there is nothing you could fathom or desire that isn’t immediately placed at your fingertips. And, in most cases there usually isn’t an additional charge for a lot of the services available in luxury spaces from hotels and restaurants to guides or cabbies. And, since that is the case, I  highly recommend that you become aware of the art of tipping for whatever country you are visiting.

In some countries, for the luxury markets tipping is not preferred, but should be considered and discreet; too often it is uncomfortable trying to determine the exchange and we just frivolously tip without much thought of when and to whom and how much. This daunting task is usually for staff members at a restaurant, hair/nail spas, to chamber maids all of whom have provided excellent service and thoughtfulness.

Thank goodness it is 2015 – In today’s luxury market, we no longer have to rely on old tipping habits – we can now connect on our mobile networks with Global Tipping Apps and Calculators.  Today’s savvy travelers have merely to connect their iPhone, iPads, Tablet of choice and download tipping apps that can not only calculate your percentage, but manage your expense account with the number of people dining by individuals or as an expense for more than 140 countries.

You will also learn – there are several countries that don’t allow tipping at all and being comfortable knowing there isn’t a standard throughout the world. These intuitive designs are right at your fingertip and require no Internet connection.

There are several apps that have received rave reviews and they can include tax and tip or even split your bill. There are a couple you can find on Google Play: Tippy (Global Tip Calculator) – shrimpwongton; Global Tip Calculator Pro by AkashaSoft LLC – I really like this one – thinking I might go to over 140 different countries they tout on their overview; Global Tipping Guide by BiDuSoft are all free – except Global Tipping Guide Pro also by BidDuSoft which is $1.99 and has 60+ countries as opposed to 10 and they have expanded the travel log with the total expenses updating automatically.

All of these apps are at your fingertips which then gives you the freedom to manage your affairs with ease and confidence.

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