Middle Age Doesn’t Mean You Are Out of The Game!


There are actually quite a few women who are 40 plus still wondering if anyone will ever “put a ring on it.” Or “back on it!” In today’s world, mature couples have read and reread the “marriage penalty” that married couples face when paying their income taxes; however, the truth is that marriage has plenty of legal and financial benefits, including tax benefits. Funny, I will always remember Tina Turner’s song “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and it made me think then as I do now, that Love has everything to do with it.

Today, many folks are indulging their hearts and making life a little sweeter with someone they love as opposed to being alone. Right or wrong or whichever way you think or believe there are a whole lot of folks who would rather ignore all the clinical reports and articles that would rather instill fear than to keep you open to true happiness.



Last month we were very happy to witness the perfect wedding of Rosalind and Tyres Jones. A beautiful ceremony held in Baltimore on the south harbor waterfront in November. The beautiful fall colors of peach and dark grey were perfect for the brick background in the main hall. The bride was stunning with her beautiful gray hair highlighted by an incredible up swing-braided twists that intertwined with her short veil and flawless makeup. The beautiful couple did not allow age or time to become a factor when planning the folks in their wedding party, which was comprised of ten bridesmaids, nine groomsmen, two flower girls and a ring bearer. It was a delightful afternoon brunch with a mixture of young and old alike enjoying an afternoon of jazz, loving family and friends and the promise of a wonderful lifetime together.

These two have spent time getting to know one another with truth and dignity. Their love is palatable and their joy was infectious. It certainly was a reminder for all of us single girls: that love is there if you are open to the universe and you choose to put down your guard and allow the universe to attract what you need to you!

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