The Race To The Alter with Kim Tumey

Let Kim Tumey tell it she is a southern girl. ” I am very particular.  Very hands on so a wedding planner, I don’t think so.” This is going to be by far not a typical southern wedding.  Nothing about this wedding is going to be traditional.  From the engagement party, which will be hosted by a celebrity, to the FaceBook fans who are bidding to be guests at this wedding. But did we expect anything less from Kim. If anyone has ever attended any of Kim’s events they have been nothing short of entertaining.  So the wedding is going to be something to see. In between juggling her celebrity clients, negotiating a deal, Kim insists on planning her own wedding.  The search for the dress has begun.  Securing the location, head count, which in my opinion is probably going to be the cost of feeding a small country. So we asked Kim, any drama from the groom about the wedding plans?  Her response, “Nope, he agrees with everything like the typical groom! Great right!”  Wow as all I can say. Have you secured your venue yet?  Kim’s response, ” yes, but I don’t know if I want to announce it yet.  I’m not already.  That sounds like she isn’t to sure and she has more then one location in mind.  Or it isn’t big enough for the stadium size audience that wants to attend. We asked about the dress and how dress shopping is going? Kim, ” I was going to go shopping but someone offered to design me a wedding dress.”  Unbelievable. Now for a typical every day person that may be your mother, your aunt, your grandmother or a cousin.  But we are talking about Kim Tumey here, so that could be any recognizable brand designer, it may be coming from Italy, France, who knows?  All I know is we had some offers here in NY for her already so here begins the problem.

Or is it a problem? If that is the extent of her problem, getting to many offers for her dress then I think we haven’t seen nothing yet.  It may turn out to be a runway show.  She may have to change several times before the evening is over. Well ladies and gentlemen stay tuned for the next episode of “The Race To The Alter-starring Kim Tumey.”



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