Welcome To Atlantis– Ziad Nakad Continues to Mesmerize us



The internationally celebrate couture designer Ziad Nakad continues to amaze us with his work.  From the venue selection of the exquisite ballroom at the Intercontinental Hotel In Paris to the lighting, every bit of detail of this production left us mesmerized.

Atlantis– the lost island, utopian society– in Ziad Nakad’s vision– the collection is inspired by the Modern Day Warrior Princess.  A combination of your fierceness, softness, determination, intriguing and filled with compassion all while confident with her sensuality.

Trust me when I say each piece that is delicately put together with the countless beadwork, crystals and the sleek silhouette that is absolutely breathtaking for the strong woman who can carry it off will absolutely know she is wearing one of his masterpieces.

“A hymn to sensuality, as fluid as the sea and as bright as the sun.”  Zaid Nakad seems to definitely appreciate the power of a confident woman.




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