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The sweetest wedding tradition is small, colorful and delicious. It’s the wedding confetti, and it has always been a symbol of special occasions: marriage, births, baptism and all other joyful celebrations of life.
The Italian word confetti (and we are not talking about the colorful paper confetti) comes from the Latin verb “conficere,” meaning “be packaged,” enclosed in a layer of sugar and almond or another seed. One of the most long-established confetti manufacturers is Mucci Giovanni, based in Italy and known and enjoyed throughout the world. Mucci Giovanni is inspired by the metaphor of the seed hidden in the earth or in the woman, that will give fruit. That’s the reason why at the end of the wedding we giveconfetti to our guests, as a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

Nicola Mucci Fondatore
The founder, Nicola Mucci, started this delectable creation in 1894 in Andria, Italy. After his apprenticeship in the celebrated Swiss Chocolate Caflish in Naples, he gave birth to his dream of opening his own laboratory. He started producing chocolate, candy and confetti using the excellent Andria almonds. To meet the numerous requests, he inaugurated elegant and chic cafes to taste the specialities of Mucci Giovanni; incorporating innovation and tradition helped to establish one of the most famous and valued confetti manufacturers in the world for more than a century.
The tradition is still alive thanks to Nicola’s family who continue to work in the Mucci manufacturing plant, ensuring the best quality and commitment of the family’s traditions. Manuela is Nicola’s niece, and she is part of this tradition, working in Mucci Giovanni with her family. She knows that confetti are loved by adults and children. She knows the key for the right selection: “I want to give my advice to brides with two simple words: QUALITY and UNIQUENESS. By following this, you and your guests we will never be disappointed, not only regarding your choice of confetti; our slogan is: Simply Unique.”
Manuela showed us how they prepared their delicious confetti in a large copper bowl with mechanical traction, then the master confectioner follows day by day all phases of processing of the products, from the sugar coating to the coloration.
Below is the timeline of Mucci creations.
1920: Mandorla Imperiale
The unique confetti made with the amazing peeled almond from Bari, covered by a layer of white chocolate and enrobed in a thin layer of sugar. For the first time an almond was covered in chocolate prior to pelleting, innovating the classical recipe of the confetti made just with almonds and sugar: it was a triumph!
1930: Tenerelli
An exquisite dragee made with high quality almond from Toritto and with IGP (Identità Geografica Protetta (Protected Geographical Indication)) hazelnuts from Piedmont, covered with a double layer of chocolate and veiled in a thin layer of lightly colored sugar coating.

Reparto confetti Fabio Quacquarelli

Chocolate of highest quality, worked with butter and cocoa of Central America, the prestigious Sicilian almond “Pizzuta di Avola,” pistachios from Bromonte, Criollo cocoa beans from Perù with only natural aromas and colors: only the best products for the best quality.
Mandorla Imperiale and Tenerelli represent the history and tradition of Mucci confetti. But there are other wonderful creations desired all over the world, such as “Regina Elizabeth” and “Monnalisa,” which have found great success as part of the wedding celebrations, thanks to their refinement, variety of color and delicious flavor. Another well-loved creation is the chocolate dragees filled with liquor or coffee, crispy or truffled.
Over 120 years of excellent activity, Mucci Giovanni received numerous awards that attest to the superior quality of its products: respectful of original recipes, high quality and homemade. Traditions and knowledge are preserved in the Mucci Giovanni Museum, and it is recognized by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture as a place of particular significants.

Nuove Confezioni Regalo
Mucci Giovanni has clients from North America, Japan, Europe, China and some countries of UAE. Foreign clients love Italian products: Manuela says, “They adore Italian products and how they symbolize excellence. And Mucci Giovanni often listens to their particular requests in order to satisfy their requirements. In fact, we are going to obtain Halal and Kosher certifications for some of our products, designed respectively for Muslims and Jews.”

Reclame Confetti Avola matrimonio

If you are looking for a special confetti to surprise your guests or if you want to know more about the wonderful world of Mucci Confetti, please visit their website:

Staf Mucci Giovanni

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