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Fluffy, or Paco, or Yuki in my case, is a member of the family and all owners know that; we cuddle, talk to them in a strange and creepy voice, and care for them like a baby. That’s the reason why it is better if no one says anything bad about them, we react like crazy ladies! And at the same time, our dogs feel like they are part of the family and get mad when you don’t spend time or leave them home alone.

If you are planning to get married, don’t forget to invite Fluffy. I know, you are thinking you have so much to think about you aren’t going to have time for your pet. Well, we have good news, hire a wedding dog sitting service. Wedding sitting services are increasingly popular and can be found around the world.

We talked to three famous dog sitters from different parts of the globe: Jacqueline from USA, Gillie from UK and Elisa from Italy. Three women, three countries, same passion.

Gillie launched Animal Aunts in the UK in 1987! She is probably the first in all the world, in this business for 28 years. They don’t work only with dogs, but cats, livestock, horses, exotic pets and birds, in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Greece, Spain, New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland and the Channel Island.

It started in 2008 with a chicken for Jacqueline. She met one enroute to the grocery store. Skipping the store, she scooped, bathed and fed him. Jacqueline was unhappy working at Columbia University and decided to combine her love for dogs and chickens with her career and created Pawfect Weddings, a professional dog sitting service, and then the wedding dog sitting service. 

Elisa is the first wedding dog sitter in Italy, she worked with dogs from 1999, and launched Wedding Dog Sitter in 2010, after her experience during her wedding and wanting her dog at the ceremony. She is now famous in her country, more than 100 weddings in 4 years and she has reservation into 2017! 

Weddings are very stressful so, think about your dog! New environment, new people, a lot of noise. An expert dog sitter is very important and makes certain your dog is relaxed and calm. Don’t forget to dress them for the occasion and tell your photographer to be ready to take great and funny shots of your pet! And tell your guests your pet will be there, some could be allergic or afraid of dogs. Luckily, dog sitters confirm that most guests love dogs and will have fun playing and taking loads of photos.




The wedding dog sitting’s world is an amazing and funny world! Elisa, Gillie and Jacqueline have shared these funny memories from the “dogs’ point of view”!

“I brought (Honey) to a wedding at the Trump Plaza for a photo shoot, the bride was posing with her bridesmaids and when they say the dog, all the girls raced to him and broke out in song! ” —Jacqueline 

“When the bride said: “yes I do” the dog howled to the delight of the guests.” —Elisa 

“At my wedding my three dogs put lovely paw prints all over my wedding dress! Giving me the idea to offer Animal Aunts to dogsit for weddings.” —Gillie

The cost for a wedding dog sitting service varies from $80 to $500. If you really love your pet and want him at the big event, hire a professional dog sitter.

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