Tips For Getting Fit For Your Wedding Day


Every girl wants to be the the most beautiful on her wedding day. All of your friends and family are looking at you. The camera is taking pictures only about you!

Steven Wilson, celebrity trainer is showing you the efficient way to get in the best shape of your life for your wedding.

1. Mind healthy nutrition: It is time to start eating smart! Either with the help of a dietitian or just applying a few, easy rules to become your healthiest you

  • CUT out refined sugar, fat, processed and junk food, alcohol

  • EAT 5 times a day: white meat (chicken, turkey), fresh fruits, vegetables

  • SNACK healthy: nuts, plain yogurt with fruits and granola, power smoothie

  • HYDRATE with water, 2 liters minimum per day

  • Steven’s secret weapon: plan your meals in advance and be very strict from Monday-Friday. You may indulge a little on the weekend, it will be easier to keep your new regime.

2. Move your body: plan and stick to it

  • GET support: a personal trainer, a fitness app with your goals and results, your best friend or your husband-to-be can motivate you and keep your expectations in check.

  • REGULAR & INTENSE work-out is the key. Even if you can only do 2×30 minutes per week, do it with full energy and fun.

  • Steven’s secret weapons: A combination of cardiovascular training (20 minutes) + strength training (20 minutes) + stretching (10 minutes) gives a perfect work-out.

3. Be in Balance:

  • Be REALISTIC! You can lose appr. 0.5 kg per week in a healthy way. So if you want to lose more weight for your wedding, start in time!

  • It is important to RECHARGE. Lack of sleep makes you hungry and tired the next day. Another reason to find 8 hours to get the energy to reach every goals you set!

  • Steven’s secret weapons: have FUN, no stress! You are preparing for one of the best days of your life, no reason to be a Bridezilla. There are plenty of pleasures — that are not growing your weight (watching a movie, get a massage, dance salsa… :-)).

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