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Living an organic lifestyle is easier today than ever. Bringing organic meat and produce to our dining table is a routine part of life, but what about carrying that concept over to your wedding day? You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the food and drink offerings for your reception. One of the often overlooked components of organic offerings is liquor. If you’re going to use organic juices and mixers, why not maintain consistency with your spirits?



Vodka is inarguably one of the most versatile spirits to have on your menu. The smooth, flavor-neutral qualities of vodka make it an easy crowd-pleaser. It offers a versatile spirit that is suitable for any flavor profile you have in mind for cocktails. If you’re looking for ultra-premium vodka, Punzoné Organic Vodka’s silky-smooth body and delicate flavor make it a perfect selection for your reception bar. And if you’re into less traditional flavor profiles, and would like to lean more toward creative mixology, Punzoné Organic Vodka also offers vodka in Blood Orange and Lemoncino varieties.




Frank Guerrera, CEO and founder of Punzoné Organic Vodka, tells us a little bit about what inspired his brand:


[WBM] What inspired you to start the brand?


[FG] My passion to bring together family and friends; I love to cook, especially on holidays. Punzoné loosely translates in the Italian language to “punch” and the name is a tribute to where the brand began, in my home kitchen.


[WBM] When creating the product, what was the most important factor?


[FG] Using the finest ingredients, it’s everything.


[WBM] What are some of your favorite dishes and cocktails to serve with Punzoné Organic Vodka?


[FG] Whether I’m cooking or mixing cocktails, the key is simplicity. Allow the freshest and finest ingredients to do the work. Something as simple as a nice fresh filetto di pomodoro and a Punzoné “famiglia” martini (Recipe: Equal parts of all 3 Punzoné products, with freshly squeezed orange juice, shaken not stirred!) is all you need.


Punzoné Organic Vodka is available at retailers and restaurants nation-wide.


Punzoné Organic Vodka $33.99 USD

www.WorldOfLiquor.com | www.Punzoné.com


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