Be Body Beautiful Beyond Your Wedding Day

Living in the city, my all time favorite time of the year is when summer is about to come to full bloom. Why? Besides the beautiful landscapes, from both  man-made sky scrapers to the higher being’s landscapes that man desperately tries to duplicate, I am privileged to enjoy living in one of the worlds sexiest city—New York.

The city seems to come alive in the spring leading to the summer. During this time, the streets seem to be cleared up of all debris and waste of the winter.  It is as if the city itself is molting.

Just like the city, I know for a fact that my skin is at its worse in the winter—from my hair to the bottom of my feet.  It becomes ever so clear that products are not optional for me. I become a product hoarder.   The WBM beauty closet becomes a coveted space to all.

Scientifically, it is so important that you molt in order to give birth to the new, moist, and supple skin and new strands of hair that will highlight your illustrious beauty on your wedding day.  But the challenge for some of us is there are so many choices on the market; how do you make your way finding the products that will work for you and your beauty and grooming needs?

For all you upcoming bridal beauties and grooms, get your beauty and grooming bag ready—it’s about to be filled up to capacity.  We are about to make some product recommendations that we are sure you will enjoy and feel refreshed.

Steel McLean

SteelMclean – this new brand of product that hit the market this past season at the IBS show is my new favorite. Being a creature driven by scent and touch, it tantalized my nostrils and made my skin tingle from head to toes, with just a minimal amount that would sooth my soul.

I chose to test this out in the evening when my day was over, and I knew I would be relaxed and not be distracted by work, or external stimulus. I finished my dinner: an organic mint flavored ice cream, with bits of chocolate, only to cap it off with a glass of wine; my spirit from a full day’s work was definitely brought down by ten. As I started with the Fortify Shampoo, I felt the day’s stress just lather away with each circular rub that my perfectly manicured fingers can muster. I then poured a generous amount of Fortify Mask, rubbed it on my wet hair, and massaged it on my entire head, concentrating on the ends of my hair, which tend to be most dry. As I allowed the mask to penetrate my hair and gave it time to do its thing, this gave me time to wash my face with the Sport Culture Green Tea Body Wash & Face Cleanser and to lather my whole entire body with two generous portions of the size of a half-dollar coin. The botanical scent took me back to a moment of a peaceful childhood memory, when my mom would wash my hair and make beauty time the most precious moments. I can now say those moments I shared with her gave birth to my obsession of the beauty industry.

My beauty cleansing experience was completed with SteelMclean Textured Cream, and for my skin, Oil Purpose for scalp, skin conditioner. While my skin was still damp, I used a generous amount and felt the soft mint-smelling oil seep into my pours and left my skin feeling glorious.

My night ended with a glass of Robert Mondavi, Private Selection Bourbon Barrels, Cabernet Sauvignon … and the night was memorable.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon

Ladies, don’t worry the products described can be used by your beloved as well. He will enjoy the same wonderful experience that you are sure to have, as I did.


Colleen Rothschild Roisin Rose Reinvented

Now go burn your Colleen Rothschild Fine Artisan Candle- Roisin- Rose Reinvented.   Roisin has a gentle dewy scent, with a spark of bergamot; this will complement the botanical scent you just experienced with your new Steel McLean beauty products as you fade to the tunes of Sade on your Pandora playlist.



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