Loyalty Has Its Rewards!


How better to test this theory than trying out the world’s best airlines? As a Platinum Medallion Delta Airlines frequent flyer since 2009, I’ve had the opportunity to see what the world of aviation has to offer to its most loyal patrons. If being a loyalist ever paid off, traveling is the one avenue you most definitely want to take. For cross-country flights, first or business class is definitely the way to travel. (Said the girl who can count on one hand the number of times in the last year that I’ve flown coach.) Score red team!

I can say that Delta Airlines treats its customers very well and those who choose to dedicate their flight miles solely to Delta, it’s another world: Official line-cutting, boarding the plane first, drinks served to you before the entire plane is even seated and comfy red blankets at no charge, just in case you get cold. There’s a reserved restroom just for the First-class cabin that doesn’t see a lot of traffic (score again!) If you’re a Gold, Platinum or Diamond Medallion traveler on Delta, you’re a part of the family! They’ll send you rewards just for keeping up with the loyalty. One time because of an oversold flight, I was seated in a god-forsaken middle seat and it really wasn’t the end of the world, but Delta felt so bad for putting a “family member” (my words, not theirs) in a middle seat, they awarded me with some additional miles, because why would they purposely inconvenience me in that way? I, for one, will gladly always take additional points that will help to maintain my status. Once your flight is booked, all of the additional seats not sold to first-class and business travelers are then distributed to the loyalty customers, aka medallion members. This is a welcome surprise that you come to look forward to.

More times than not, I was upgraded automatically to first/business class for short and long trips that make me look forward to air travel as long as I’m flying on Delta. They are constantly catering to their customers to ensure that they are setting the standard for true customer service. They provide surveys after every flight to find out if there is anything they can do better. If you don’t rate them excellent in every area, they want to know why and what they need to do to ensure that the next time, they are rated excellent. Even their snacks have been upgraded to cater to those with a healthier diet. This is much appreciated as not everyone eats meat and dairy, and they recognize this! Delta has thought of everything! So why fly with any other airline? Besides the unfortunate circumstance of them not upgrading medallion passengers on international flights, I have no complaints.

Where to next? Join me on Delta! Xo, Kimberly, Delta Loyalist

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